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Call Me If You Get Lost Number

Call Me If You Get Lost number

We keep seeing the number 1 (855-444-8888), from Tyler the Creator’s Instagram profile to billboards. This is Call Me If You Get Lost number. When you pick up the phone, an interlude featuring Tyler and his mother plays; someone tried to update it to Soundcloud, but copyright informed them that it is a segment of the song “MOMMA TALK.”

  • What is the Call Me If You Get Lost number?

An advertising billboard for the release of the album was sighted in Los Angeles on June 9, 2021, and subsequent sightings were in other significant cities across the globe. Call Me If You Get Lost was written on a billboard along with the phone number (855) 444-8888. A voicemail greeting of Tyler and his mother’s conversation was played when the number was dialed. The song “Momma Talk” was recorded for the album.

The billboard, as well as the phone number, were then mentioned on a website, which appeared to be another method of the album’s advancement. Tyler confirmed his involvement on June 15 by tweeting the phone number that had appeared on billboards the week before.

What Is The Call Me If You Get Lost Number
What Is The Call Me If You Get Lost Number

Additionally, Tyler has posted the album’s teaser on his Youtube account. Not just the trailer, along with a billboard, is what has everybody talking. A week ago, a billboard with the words “Call Me If You Get Lost,” and a phone number was spotted.

People noticed a billboard that read Call Me If You Get Lost, precisely in line with the new album’s preview song by Tyler the Creator. One other phone number was listed on the billboard, 1(855)444-8888. Before the teaser was made available, fans could not comprehend the Billboard. Numerous people attempted to call that number after the teaser but got a voicemail in which Tyler’s mother and he were talking. According to Tyler’s mother, she is incredibly proud of him. She also always had faith in him. In the voice message, her mother keeps going. She has never compared him to everyone since he was a young child.

She didn’t compare her kids to others like many other parents do. In the voice message, Tyler’s mother added that she would remain proud of him even if he lost everything since she knows that her son can make a crowd dance. To get back up after falling to his knees. The voicemail lasts approximately 25 seconds. Furthermore, Tyler’s mother exudes such pride in her son. She seemed like she’s going to cry, but she managed to hold it together.

The Phone Number Of Call Me If You Get Lost
The Phone Number Of Call Me If You Get Lost

But there is more than the one where Tyler’s mother expresses her pride in him. There is yet another recorded message. In the second voicemail, Tyle can be heard saying, “I don’t know why then you left. Even worse, you lack a passport. Although we don’t yet have any information about Tyler’s upcoming album, it will likely be an iconic love story as well as a classic life story. However, we are sure it will be a Tyler the Creator classic. Tyler puts a lot of effort into improving his public relations abilities.

He releases an album each two years as well as makes sure to host a festival for his followers. Tyler the Creator shared a story on his formal Instagram account 4 hours earlier with the billboard number displayed and the phone person speaking. He might be alerting his audience to the arrival of a new voicemail. Or is Tyler the Creator trying to say something else here? Let’s wait and see.

  • The phone number of Call Me If You Get Lost that fans can call to hear how much his mum loves him

Billboards with the words “Call Me If You Get Lost” and a phone number had also begun to appear, suggesting that Tyler, The Creator is getting ready to release his upcoming album.

Calling the Call Me If You Get Lost number will allow you to speak with Tyler’s mother, who will express her love for him. It’s very wholesome and enigmatic. What is he doing?

The Phone Number Of Call Me If You Get Lost That Fans Can Call To Hear How Much His Mum Loves Him
The Phone Number Of Call Me If You Get Lost That Fans Can Call To Hear How Much His Mum Loves Him

Additionally, he launched a new website called that contains the exact details of the billboard. Very interesting…

He has been dropping hints for some time, as observant fans noted that “Call Me If You Get Lost” was showcased on Tyler’s Grammys outfit.

Tyler typically releases an album every two years; his most recent album, IGOR, was released in 2019. Keep an eye and ear out because everything suggests something is about to happen.

  • Call Me If You Get Lost phone number plays the fifth voicemail

For the release of his sixth album, CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, Tyler uses a phone number (1-855-444-8888). One of the five voicemail messages that are media linked to the album has been played every day since around June 9. Only 3 of those five songs—”MOMMA TALK” (album No. 1), “SIR BAUDELAIRE” (No. 4), and “RISE!” (No. 5)—have been released.

Call Me If You Get Lost Phone Number Plays The Fifth Voicemail
Call Me If You Get Lost Phone Number Plays The Fifth Voicemail

Calling this number even now plays Tyler’s fifth voicemail, even though it was temporarily switched to allow direct calls to Tyler’s cellphone on June 25.

#1 – MOMMA TALK (June 9-11)

The entire “MOMMA TALK” recording was the initial voicemail to be heard on the line. Fans became aware of the track’s title when copyright takedowns alleged that Tyler, The Creator’s song “MOMMA TALK” was being improperly used.

#2 – PASSPORT (June 11-15)

In the 2nd voicemail, someone (likely Tyler) was heard laughing about someone who didn’t have a passport and saying: Tell ’em, tell ’em what happened! Tell them what took place! You keep saying you have this and that but never traveled outside the country. You don’t even have a passport. Please excuse the [?] I just used it. The album did not include this audio.

#3 – CALL ME (June 15-19)

The third voicemail, which features Tyler’s singalong, “I just hope to God that you stored my number, contact me when you can,” has been compared to bossa nova. This voicemail, such as the second, hasn’t been included on the album, but some fans think it might be one of the 25 variations of “911” or a different section of the song that appears in the “CORSO” video.

#4 – SIR BAUDELAIRE (June 19-21)

The verse from “SIR BAUDELAIRE” began to play. There are no extra vocals or production, as well as Tyler raps differently.

#5 – RISE! (June 21-25, 25)

A portion of “RISE!opening “‘s verse played. This voicemail featured DAISY WORLD’s vocals as well as drums, as opposed to the fourth voicemail’s fictitious album snippet. After the verse, the “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” jingle plays instead of transitioning to the chorus.

On June 25, Tyler was momentarily reached at the given number. Tyler answered four calls while Jasper’s Instagram account live-streamed them while driving his Rolls Royce down a highway. Due to high call volume, they briefly started taking live requests.

The phone started playing the fifth snippet again at some point after the efforts were unsuccessful. The audio is the same as it was in July 2021.

  • What does the album “Call Me If You Get Lost” mean?

Reoccurring elements of loss and romantic longing are at the heart of “Call Me If You Get Lost,” which is set in 2021. Though less driven by a single overarching theme and more by the same events of a chaotic year marked by a global epidemic, racial injustice, and (for Tyler) more heartbreak, it’s a much more sonically varied album.

“Call Me If You Get Lost,” which begins brashly, centers on a horrible breakup strikingly reminiscent of the love triangle in “Igor.” Although, rather than focusing solely on this topic, Tyler veers into or out of the entanglement’s narrative arc, zigzagging among ostentatious displays of wealth and power and admissions of his struggles with a murky past, upsetting present, as well as uncertain future.

Tyler finally delves into the situations he has been trying to hint at throughout the album on the compelling eight-minute track “Wilshire,” which serves as the album’s storytelling climax. Tyler describes the situation that has left him heartbroken and looking for solace in his Rolls Royces, new homes, as well as fashion deals.

Call Me If You Get Lost Mean
Call Me If You Get Lost Mean

The beat, as well as the tempo of the song “Wilshire”, don’t change throughout the song, but Tyler’s nearly monotonous voice raps with rising fervor as he tells the tale of falling in love with a friend’s substantial other, whom he woos as well as loses in a short amount of time. His lyrical wit and inflection change perfectly capture the ecstasy of first love and flirtation as well as the stinging pain of rejection. Although lengthy, the song is fast-paced and a beautiful introduction to a somewhat diverse tracklist.

Tyler is stuck in the “Call Me If You Get Lost” narrative. Tyler is caught in another romantic triangle, just like in “Igor,” and he is the odd man out. In the end, Tyler is still lonely, regardless of whether he has fallen in love with a man or even a woman and whether he is finding comfort in cars, clothes, cribs, and hoes. He is faced with his sexuality as well as comes out about himself and the world.

It has previously appeared on songs like “Gone, Gone / Thank You” and “911 / Mr. Lonely,” and it does so once more on “Wilshire.” It’s not that Tyler isn’t evolving musically or can’t express his emotions; instead, “Call Me When You Get Lost” feels narratively uninteresting because Tyler himself feels uncomfortable. Except for his relationships, it’s all thriving.

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