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Call Me If You Get Lost Tour

Call Me If You Get Lost tour

Tyler declared the Call Me If You Get Lost tour on August 3, 2021. The tour will run from February 8, 2022, in Phoenix at the Footprint Center, to August 3, 2022, in Melbourne, just at Rod Laver Arena. The roughly 35 shows that made up the North American leg were supported by Teezo Touchdown, Kali Uchis, as well as Vince Staples. On March 31, 2022, a live performance at Arena in Los Angeles was available to stream on Prime Video and Twitch.

  • Where is the Call Me If You Get Lost tour?

In North American

Early in 2022, Tyler, The Creator will go on tour. He has announced the Call Me If You Get Lost tour, with dates starting in February at locations across North America. During this time, Tyler will appear in 34 arena performances. Tickets go on sale via TicketLeader this Friday, August 6th, at 10AM GMT.

Call Me If You Get Lost Tour In North American
Call Me If You Get Lost Tour In North American

Several publications, including Billboard, Complex, GQ, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and others, recognized IGOR as among the year’s best albums. In the same year, Tyler also made the decision to be named Man of the Year by GQ Magazine & Innovator of the Year by the Wall Street Journal Magazine.

In Europe, United Kingdom and Australia

A new set of dates and times that will take Tyler, the Creator, to the United Kingdom, Europe, as well as Australia in 2022 have just been announced, briefly, after he finished his North American tour.

Call Me If You Get Lost Tour In Europe United Kingdom And Australia
Call Me If You Get Lost Tour In Europe United Kingdom And Australia

The 20-date interaction, which will begin on June 3 in Warsaw, Poland, will endorse CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST. Before wrapping up the tour on August 3 in Melbourne, Tyler will also perform in nations like Spain, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, as well as Ireland, as well as in the UK at Manchester and London and also in Australia at Sydney, Byron Bay, Perth, and Auckland. He will also perform at festivals like Wireless, Roskilde, Parklife, Primavera Sound Barcelona, and others during this tour, in addition to his solo performances.

  • How to get free access to “Call Me If You Get Lost” live streaming

You still have a chance to see Tyler, the Creator if you missed him on his recent North American concert tour in support of his highly regarded album, CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST. The hip-hop provocateur’s Los Angeles performance on March 31 at the Arena (previously the Staples Center) was live-streamed on Amazon Prime Video, and that performance is still accessible.

On top of Prime Video, the performance will be broadcast on Twitch as well as the Amazon Music channel on Thursday at 7:45 p.m. PT from downtown Los Angeles. The stream will include performances by Teezo Touchdown, Vince Staples, and Kali Uchis.

“With his daring talent and superb artistry, Tyler, The Creator imbues culture. Alaina Bartels, head of talent synergy as well as specials at Amazon Studios, said, “He is a true phenomenon who seamlessly pushes based on the interpretation with his music as well as storytelling, & we can’t wait to offer his fans the front seat to this noteworthy concert. With support from various Amazon businesses, this live stream event demonstrates how Prime Video, as well as Amazon Music, are still places where artists can go with their big ideas as well as content fantasies to make them a truth.

How To Get Free Access To Call Me If You Get Lost Live Streaming
How To Get Free Access To Call Me If You Get Lost Live Streaming

You’ll need an Amazon Prime or Prime Video member status to stream “Call Me If You Get Lost Live” without charge. Still, waiting to register? For new customers, Amazon Prime is currently providing a free 30-day trial. 

Your Amazon Prime membership will charge $14.99 per month (or $139 annually) following the initial month. For students and eligible EBT/Medicaid recipients, Amazon Prime offers discounts of up to 50%, further lowering the cost.

Along with free same-day, one-day, as well as two-day delivery on a wide range of items, members of Amazon Prime also receive special offers, two-hour grocery delivery, unrestricted photo storage, Amazon Prime Music, Prime Gaming, and much more.

You can rent VOD release dates from Prime Video, such as new films that might still be playing in theaters, as well as programming from Paramount+, Starz, Showtime, Discovery+, as well as other streaming services.

  • The Call Me If You Get Lost Tour brought in nearly $33 million for Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator made millions of dollars touring in support of his Grammy-winning, number-one album Call Me If You Get Lost. The most money Tyler has ever made on tour was made throughout his album-supporting tour, according to Billboard, where 389,000 tickets were sold for the dates between February 8 and April 8. “Figures noted to Billboard Boxscore,” according to the article.

For his Call Me If You Get Lost Tour, Tyler performed 33 shows across 32 cities, with just two appearances in New York. He sold 12,155 tickets per market and made an average of $1,02 million from each performance. Less than half that amount was made during his 2019 album Igor tour, which averaged $442,00 & 7,786 tickets per show. He made $216,000 from his Flower Boy performances in 2017 and $33,000 from his tour supporting Cherry Bomb in 2015.

The Call Me If You Get Lost Tour Brought In Nearly 33 Million For Tyler The Creator
The Call Me If You Get Lost Tour Brought In Nearly 33 Million For Tyler The Creator

Tyler earned $2.9 million as well as sold 28,800 tickets for the March 13–14 performances at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The most money was made during his Los Angeles performance at Arena, with $1.6 million as well as 14,757 tickets sold. He also earned $1.3 million at the United Center in Chicago on February 22, $1.4 million at the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C., on March 7, as well as $1.4 million at the RingCentral Coliseum in Oakland on April 1. The CMIYGL Tour has surpassed J. Cole’s Off-Season Tour and 2021’s Millennium Tour to be the top rap tour of the pandemic.

Tyler gave an impromptu speech on Instagram Live after winning the Grammy for Best Rap Album. I’m hyped, first of all,” he declared. “DJ Drama, you are fucking so essential to rap music. Thank you. I’m grateful to all of my friends for supporting me. I’m thankful to my entire team and squad for enabling me to record an album where all I do is flex all goddamn day.

“I know you’re seething as well as angry and saying, ‘ugh, no one listens to that album,'” he proceeded. These sold-out arena tours indicate otherwise. In addition, if you put that much effort into something, perhaps everyone else will be as well.

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  • What some fans discovered while watching the “Call Me If You Get Lost” tour

Most of Tyler’s career right now is devoted to the opportunity he’s had to travel and experience the world over the past ten or more years. The Grammy Award-nominated album has the feel and sound of the mid-2000s mixtape era, which was made famous by DJ Drama as well as the Gangsta Grillz series, with a central theme of the wonders of travel.

What Some Fans Discovered While Watching The Call Me If You Get Lost Tour
What Some Fans Discovered While Watching The Call Me If You Get Lost Tour

Consider this a “travel guide” because I saw a few noteworthy events firsthand while I was there. Naturally, he broke the tension when he rode onto the stage in a Rolls Royce with a chauffeur dressed as Tyler Baudelaire. I discovered the following as a result.

Tyler genuinely cares about Atlanta

In between some of the songs on the tracklisting, Tyler would speak and briefly discuss why he adores Atlanta. He praised Drama for his influence on the mixtape scene and his donations to the album while elaborating on the remix feel in Call Me If You Get Lost. That was wonderful to hear because there was drama going on that day.

Before he launched into a string of throwback songs like “IFHY” and “Yonkers,” which the audience was forced to recite bar for bar, he also mentioned Wacka Flocka as an early motivation for some of the old work he was producing in his career.

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Tyler makes an effort to make his live performance slightly different from his studio recordings

We all thought it was pretty special when he instantaneously spit a freestyle in the space between songs, referencing Atlanta artists like Ludacris, TI, and others. Tyler performed “See You Again” with a different intro in which he marched and saluted on his B stage while a marching drum played.

Tyler detests when fans throw objects at him on stage

He interrupted the performance when a fan threw something onto the stage and insisted that the rest of the crowd “boo” that one person for their poor, reckless behavior. I should also include vociferous booing.

We all danced to “I THINK” near the end of the setlist as Tyler instructed audience members to “shake that ass,” maintaining a generally upbeat tempo. 

Without giving anything away, the show’s final few songs—in which Tyler bookends the experience—absolutely demand some effort while remaining true to Tyler the Creator’s overall vision.

He desires complete creative control over the universe he has created for his followers to enjoy

Anybody could have shared the stage with Tyler the Creator, if they so desired. Teezo Touchdown, Kali Uchis, & Westside Gunn were all there and contributed to Tyler’s music. However, for the CMIYGL tour, it would be easier for Tyler to perform alone on stage and keep the narrative. Many fans shouted when they thought they heard live vocals from A$AP Rocky’s friend and collaborator on “Who Dat Boy.” Instead, Tyler created a stage design that included a silhouette of Rocky’s shadow.

On March 31, Tyler will perform a live show in his native Los Angeles, California, for viewers of Amazon and Twitch. The tour needed to be as open to the entire world because it strongly emphasized the need to “encourage exploration.” The whole crew was supposed to tour the US and Canada as part of the tour’s “travel itinerary.” Try to get to one of the stops if you can, as there is only one week left on tour. 

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