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Tyler the Creator broke the Call me if you get lost vinyl record

As a fan of Tyler the Creator, you will want to own a Call me if you get lost vinyl. With the Odd Future collective and as a solo artist, Tyler returned to the rappers of his professional years to great critical and fan acclaim for the album. 

  • Tracklist of Call Me If You Get Lost vinyl 

The album Call Me If You Get Lost by Tyler the Creator On April 12th, 2022, Vinyl Black went on sale for $35.

Tracklist Of Call Me If You Get Lost Viny
Tracklist Of Call Me If You Get Lost Viny
  • Side A

1 Sir Baudelaire  

2 Corso  

3 Lemonhead  

4 Wusyaname  

5 Lumberjack  

  • Side B

1 Hot Wind Blows  

2 Massa  

3 Runitup  

4 Manifesto  

  • Side C

1 Sweet / I Thought You Wanted To Dance  

2 Momma Talk  

3 Rise!  

  • Side D

1 Blessed  

2 Juggernaut  

3 Wilshire  

4 Safari

  • Fans eager to pre-order after Tyler’s Instagram tease, the vinyl Call Me If You Get Lost was released

Tyler The Creator, whose real name is Tyler Okonma, taunted his fans by sharing a photo of his new album’s vinyl sleeve in an Instagram story. Fans are asking if Call Me If You Get Lost is available for non-on vinyl and if cassettes are still in stock.

Call Me If you Get Lost vinyl cover was spotted by fans in 

The vinyl sleeve for Tyler’s song Call Me If You Get Lost was shown to viewers of his Instagram story earlier.

Many fans have praised the idea of Tyler’s most recent album being made available on vinyl on Twitter. But people have yet to be successful in placing a pre-order.

Is it possible to order Call Me If You Get Lost vinyl in advance?

On June 17, Complex noted that Tyler would use his GOLF brand to release merchandise as well as “physical edition bundles for the album.”

Consequence concurred. The album’s website would offer a “new merch capsule” for sale. At the time, it was claimed that pre-orders for the bundles were open. They offered the choice of a T-shirt design as well as a cassette or CD version of the album.

Order Call Me If You Get Lost Vinyl In Advance
Order Call Me If You Get Lost Vinyl In Advance

The GOLF website does indeed currently offer the T-shirts for purchase. The album itself, whether it be on vinyl, cassette, or CD, is not.

Fans express their excitement on Twitter

The past day or so has seen some activity on Twitter from Tyler’s followers. A vinyl pre-order has been mentioned by several people. Call Me might be the first “rap” album a user buys, according to their comment.

Another said they got up “at 10” in the morning, hoping to get the vinyl then. Some people need the vinyl.

Cassettes have been sold out, but a vinyl pre-order is expected

As this tweet suggests, those hoping to buy a cassette would have to wait for a new shipment if the cassettes already have run out.

According to a Reddit post, the “latest news” about the album also states that CD/cassette bundles went on sale for shipping to the continental US on June 17. However, the initial stock has already been consumed.

Those who have contributed to the thread think vinyl pre-orders of Call Me If You Get Lost need to be “expected,” given that Tyler’s prior album, Igor, was released on vinyl.

  • Wang Golf releases the Call Me If You Get Lost vinyl set

The standard vinyl, CDs, cassette tapes, as well as posters for Tyler, the Creator’s sixth album, Call Me if You Get Lost have been released by Golf Wang. The album, which was initially launched in June of last year, later won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in 2022 and the BET Hip Hop Award for The Best Album of the Year in 2021.

While the CD, as well as cassette artwork, showcases a driver’s license shot allegedly intended to pay homage to rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s encompass from 1995, the 12″ vinyl sleeve for the album features an alternative album cover, acrylic painters created by Tyler artist Gregory Ferrand as he was traveling in Europe. The name on the ID card is “Tyler Baudelaire,” which some have theorized may be a reference to the French poet Charles Baudelaire. Tyler Baudelaire is one of artist’s brand-new fur-cap-sporting character creations.

Wang Golf Releases The Call Me If You Get Lost Vinyl Set
Wang Golf Releases The Call Me If You Get Lost Vinyl Set

Three vintage letter-style posters are featuring the lyrics to the songs that are fan favorites—”Wusyaname,” “Lumberjack,” and “Sir Baudelaire”—as well as a poster of Gregory Ferrand’s painting that can be found on the vinyl round out the collection. The Golf Wang website now offers the entire Call Me if You Get Lost collection.

  • Call Me If You Get Lost sets a new vinyl sales record for a hip-hop album

A few weeks earlier, he abruptly announced the physical release. Data from retail analytics company Luminate shows that Call Me If You Get Lost sold 59,000 equivalent album components in the US for the weekend ending April 21. Traditional album sales accounted for 51,000 units. Along with the vinyl release, which could only be purchased through Tyler’s webpage, the full-length was also available on CD and cassette.

Tyler tweeted “13. blessed,” a reference to a song from the album, to mark the achievement. The writer continued, “Thank you, yes. that’s cool!

Call Me If You Get Lost Sets A New Vinyl Sales Record For A Hip Hop Album
Call Me If You Get Lost Sets A New Vinyl Sales Record For A Hip Hop Album

Taylor Swift’s Red, which also sold 114,000 copies in November, holds the record for the best vinyl sales week, breaking the previous record she set for evermore. In 1991, Luminate began monitoring vinyl sales under the name Nielsen SoundScan.

Tyler’s latest vinyl sales record is another achievement related to the particular project. The Encanto soundtrack, Lil Durk’s 7220, Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR, as well as Morgan Wallen’s Dangerous: The Double Album completed this week’s Top 5 of the Billboard 200.

  • Vinyl releases are being pushed “Call Me If You Get Lost” has reclaimed the number one spot on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart

The album made its debut at No. 1 on the chart with a date of July 10, 2021; this is its second consecutive terms week at the top of the list.

51,000 of the 59,000 comparable album units earned by Call Me came from album sales, 8,000 came from SEA units (down 12%; equivalent to 11.54 million on-demand official streams of the set’s songs), and the remaining units came from TEA.

On Wednesday, April 6, Tyler, the Creator released a new version of Call Me on vinyl. A link to his online store for the $35 standard black double-LP set was included in the announcement. Fans were initially unaware of the release date for the album when the vinyl was first announced. Then, on April 8, word spread that the album would begin shipping on April 12 (Tuesday).

Call Me If You Get Lost Has Reclaimed The Number One Spot On The Billboard 200
Call Me If You Get Lost Has Reclaimed The Number One Spot On The Billboard 200

Call Me If You Get Lost’s 49,500 vinyl sales to make it the ninth biggest vinyl album sales week since Luminate started keeping track of music sales in 1991. It’s also the giant frame for a vinyl hip-hop set or album by a male artist during that period. Since 1991, Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon III: The Chosen’s December debut frame set a record for the most significant hip-hop set or solo male album week with 41,500 sales. The first week of Taylor Swift’s Red, which saw 114,000 vinyl LPs sold, set a record for the biggest vinyl week since 1991.

Notably, Tyler, the Creator’s formal website, has been the only place to purchase any physical copies of the Call Me album, including vinyl, CDs, and cassette tapes. The album has not been formally made available to any other sellers in the United States in physical form. Since its original release on June 25, 2021, the set has been widely accessible to all streaming services and online retailers.

Call Me has jumped to No. 1 with the most considerable increase since Fearless (Taylor’s Version) jumped 157-1. (Oct. 16, 2021). On the chart with a date of July 10, 2021, Call Me last held the top spot almost ten months ago. Since Luke Combs’ What You See Is What You Get returned to the top spot at the end of November 2020, this album is always first that long between weeks at No. 1.

Five former No. 1s are ranked Nos. 2 through No. 6, making the remaining members of the new Billboard 200 top 10 a little tired. The Encanto theme tune dips 3-4 (40,000; down 12%), Lil Durk’s 7220 falls 1-3 (43,000; down 9%), Morgan Wallen’s Dangerous: The Double Album holds at No. 2, Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour is stable at No. 5 (36,000; down 8%), as well as Drake’s Certified Lover Boy is static at No. 6 (30,000; down 3%). Planet Her by Doja Cat gains 8-7 with 29,500 (a decrease of less than 1%).

The Highlights, a collection of The Weeknd’s hits, gains 27,000 equivalent album units, bouncing 60-8 (up 92%) overall. His After Hours album, which also reentered the chart per week ago at No. 35, drops off the list. Blinding Lights, Save Your Tears, In Your Eyes, as well as Heartless are the four songs that are shared between the two albums. The four songs’ TEA and SEA units are included in The Highlights on the most recent chart because a song’s activity is attributed to the artist whose album had the most sales in a given week. (In the most recent tracking week, The Highlights sold more than 1,000 copies slightly, while After Hours sold fewer than 1,000.)

Gunna’s DS4Ever (rising 12-9 with 23,500 comparable album units; down 7%) and Lil Baby’s My Turn (13-10 with 21,000 units; down 4%) round out the new top 10.

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