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Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Lbum Cover

Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator album cover

The brand-new album from Tyler, the Creator, titled Cherry Bomb, has become downloadable and streamable online. On April 28, it will be physiologically released with five different covers. On Instagram, Tyler disclosed the covers. Tyler has been commenting on the album’s songs on his Twitter page. It was rolling down to read about Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator album cover.

  • There are 5 Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator album cover different

Cherry Bomb, Tyler, The Creator’s 4th full-length album, was just released on iTunes. As is customary, he posted some thoughts about the album on Twitter. Tyler’s banter is an invaluable tool for anyone listening to the album for the first time because it sheds light on his sources of inspiration and collaborations with artists like Kanye, Lil Wayne, Roy Ayers, Pharrell, Coco O, and more.

Additionally, he will design his radio program with a playlist of more than 500 songs for the Golf Media App. A deluxe edition with five different album covers, including cartoons, Tyler’s face, and a close-up of a crotch (with stains…), will be available for the rest of the month in furthermore to the digital release. It’s a move akin to his last album, Wolf, which featured a variety of covers.

5 Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Album Cover Different
5 Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Album Cover Different

The cherry on top is that a Cherry Bomb tour is scheduled for the following two weeks. Here are some of the most perceptive tweets from his hour-long commentary.

Tyler, The Creator has revealed that the physical edition of his latest album, Cherry Bomb, will include five different covers. This proves that he is not one to take the merchandising of his music lightly; after all, he will have a whole Odd Future TV show devoted to his aesthetic. There will still be four more, along with one of Tyler pissing himself while holding a cigarette. One of them, a photo of Tyler with a pink mask covering his head, has already been used as the cover for the online edition.

  • Why did Cherry Bomb Tyler the Creator album cover alter on the streaming platform?

Fans of Tyler, the Creator might have noticed new of his albums now have new covers. The album covers for Cherry Bomb, his 2015 discharge, have been altered, raising the urgent question: Why?

Tyler has always been known for his eccentric behavior and commitment to individuality, so this seems odd for someone as diverse as Tyler. In terms of technical reception, the album has divided the hip-hop community, and many hearers outside of Tyler’s core fans are acquainted with these release dates. Given that so many people have seen and grown accustomed to the original artwork, why would an artist alter the cover art so abruptly as well as arbitrarily?

It’s feasible that the artist, as well as the artwork, had a licensing issue and that a particular contract had expired. It doesn’t seem likely, given the popularity and reach of Odd Future and Tyler’s undeniable access to local artists and talent. Both pictures were made available as alternate album covers, as Tyler’s previous albums frequently (if not always?) did. Even so, it’s intriguing that the artwork on streaming services has undergone a formal change. According to, the picture below is called “Piss Pants.”

Why Did Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Album Cover Alter
Why Did Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Album Cover Alter

Cherry Bomb was not received as favorably as Tyler had wished at the release point. Although it is highly regarded by his core audience, despite having fantastic music, it still needs to achieve mainstream success. 

Igor, debatably his best album and one of the best-received albums of all time, even won a Grammy in 2020 for Best Rap Album. Tyler’s music reached new ears the first time that the world heard this discharge, which it would not have done otherwise. What is a remarkably understated yet powerful way to reintroduce his 2015 album Cherry Bomb to his new listeners? To rekindle interest in the album, change the cover art at random.

Whether or not you’ve heard the Cherry Bomb proposal previously, we firmly recommend that you do so immediately. Tyler was honing how he would later perfect on his 2020 album Igor when he released Cherry Bomb. Seeing what Tyler was trying in 2015, which was realized half a century ago, is truly unique.

  • Track by track Cherry Bomb album

Track 1: Deathcamp

It has a fantastic beat. Although Tyler has a good flow and delivery, his vocals could be louder. After around 30 seconds, the moment gets annoying. It should have varied a little more. Again for the bridge, the beat changed at the end. The beat is just annoying.

Track 2: Buffalo

The vocal sample that opens this piece of music is the same as that in Pusha T’s Numbers On The Boards. Despite the beat’s simplicity, Tyler sounds fantastic over it. His vocals still come across as quiet. Although it is not nearly as severe as on the previous track, it is still audible. Damn. He just brought up Hopsin. The diss to Tyler The Creator has always been the one thing that probably detracted from Ill Mind of Hopsin 4, even though this was a fucking good song. That was arbitrary.

Track 3: Pilot

Cherry Bomb Album 1
Cherry Bomb Album 1

Both “Pilot”, as well as the title track bring to mind Big Black, with their drum machine-driven walls of sound that stop and start while Tyler tries to be heard above the din. Tyler is friends with Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi, who makes an uncredited appearance on the filler song “Run.” His kindest music to date is “Find Your Wings,” a short interlude that is equal parts quiet storm and Toro and devoid of pretense or sarcasm.

Track 4: Run

It’s a little off, but still, it nowhere close to as rough as the previous song. Yeah. It still sounds unsettling. However, not too bad. His voice is hard to make out. They have their pitch raised as well. He shouldn’t’ve done that. He has a sick flow. The subject itself is interesting. These songs all had the potential to be much better.

Track 5: Find Your Wings

This does seem to have been mastered. It sounds very polished. The song doesn’t feature Tyler. He simply made it. He makes a few sexist remarks while a girl is singing, but he always produces the song. The fact that he created the entire thing by himself is impressive. It has a tone reminiscent of music from To Pimp A Butterfly. The fact that he accomplished it on his own is amazing. Lyrically, it has much in common with Nas’s The World Is Yours. Place at a single point, he even says, “The world is yours.” Simply put, the message is that you will not be afraid to pursue your passions and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Track 6: Cherry Bomb

There is no chance that he could find this amusing. It repeatedly feels like a car is ramming into my ears. He hit record on his computer before launching it into the sun. This sounds like the kind of crap that anyone could create. It is not correctly mastered. He appears to have simply hit the record button on his computer before bashing the crap out of this with a bass guitar.

Track 7: Blow My Load

A background singer is present. He is humming and singing his mother’s ass off. He’s simply discussing eating pussy. There is a brief interlude that features pussy sounds. It’s quite 

Track 8: 2Seater

Tyler The Creator 3
Tyler The Creator 3

The transformation from Blow My Load into this melody was dope. This is appropriately blended. This beat is slick as hell. The vocals from Tyler are still a little soft. On the hook, the singing is absurd. It needs to be more detrimental to the song as a whole. The bridge is wack. You shouldn’t be. This isn’t good. He lost it after the second verse. Hair Blows just entered the song. 

Track 9: The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah

Just too silent are Tyler’s vocals. Okay, assume that each song’s vocals are also too quiet. The beat is extremely loud. He is discussing gangbang. He is not actively promoting it like many rappers. He undoubtedly regards gangs with contempt. The beat is not bad, the topic is hot, and ScHoolboy Q and Tyler did their thing.

Track 10: Fucking Young/Perfect 

He’s simply expressing how he loves a young girl but doesn’t want to go to jail for being a pedophile. In essence, that is what it is. Perfect is also not very good. The subject is the same, but Kali Uchis sings from the viewpoint of the little ass girl. Obviously, she likes him as well, but it still seems weird to me. It’s like this music was written regarding Tyga & Kylie Jenner.

Track 11: Smuckers

It would still be true even if Smuckers didn’t make a list. Kanye West, as well as Lil Wayne, is featured in the song, but Tyler wants to keep to himself thanks to his charm and wit. No one steals the show here, and yet Wayne, as well as Tyler’s back-and-forth in the second quarter of the song, is indeed one of the numerous highlights. What else could you want than sharp comedic production with vintage humor?

Track 12: Keep Da O’s

Tyler The Creator Album Cover
Tyler The Creator Album Cover

Tyler joined a group of urban artists who have eschewed the traditional new album fanfare in favor of a surprise-release strategy by working once more with his idol Pharrell Williams on the song “Keep Da O’s,” which also features Coco O.

Track 13: Okaga, CA

But that has been supplanted by a song later on this list. Tyler cited this song as his favorite track ever written in July 2016. It was also a fan favorite. Naturally, Okaga is not an actual California location. When Tyler was questioned about it when Cherry Bomb first appeared, he responded that people would realize this in a few years. Several years later, we’re still speculating.

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