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Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Lyrics

Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator lyrics

Expect a flurry of headlines when Tyler, The Creator has news worthy. First, the California native announced a new venture called Golf Media App, which features a slew of content, live streams, tour information, original series, and then the first issue of an Odd Future member’s new Golf Magazine. Besides that, the first word that came to mind when thinking of Tyler, the Creator, isn’t precisely “soothing,” but this is the vibe of the Cherry Bomb. So, Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator lyrics will be introduced below.

  • When is Cherry Bomb released?

By announcing the release of his latest album, Cherry Bomb, Tyler The Creator stunned the world. The LP includes 13 tracks and will drop on April 13th, 2015. Tyler had also shared two tracks in front of Cherry Bomb, the new beautiful synth ballad “Fucking Young/Perfect” as well as strike rap total count “Deathcamp.” Complicated recently reported that Kanye West and Lil Wayne are showcased on the latest album.

A video clip for “Fucking Young/Perfect” was published later on the night via Tyler’s Golf Media smartphone app, but it has also emerged on Youtube. The song features guest vocals from soul-famed Charlie Wilson, Toro Y Moi, Chad Alexander, as well as Kali Uchis, and it’s one of the slickest, most delicately offerings from the 24-year-old rap artist. Cherry Bomb‘s big shock statement came right in step with Tyler The Creator’s OFWGKTA fellow countryman Earl Sweatshirt, who started rolling out his I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside LP last month at the whirlwind pace through a surprise online presale.

When Is Cherry Bomb Released
When Is Cherry Bomb Released

The album, which is subject to re on iTunes, is now also continuing to provide a track that highlights Kanye West as well as Lil Wayne, according to Pigeons & Planes.

They make sense as features. In the meantime, Tyler and Wayne worked together on Game’s “Martians Vs. Goblins” track, and Kanye West publicly stated that he views the OF MC as a “good mentor.”

While Yeezy, as well as Weezy, could would seem on the album, Tyler let followers understand that other performers also made significant contributions to the task. The news hit as Tyler’s Golf app debuted.

“It’s a variety of different original items, carefully crafted as well as continually shifting,” Tyler’s manager Christian Clancy tried to tell The Fader about app. “Original series,” “content,” “live streaming,” “radio,” “tour stuff,” “golf wang,” “interactive,” and any other buzzwords that sound a little annoying or commercial.

  • Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator lyrics

Aw, nah

Boy don’t cut that wood

Found out his flowers don’t smell that good

But if they smell real good to him

Then he don’t need anybody else’s nose to win

Look, I am a god

No, I don’t pray to society

All you other niggas wear camouflage

I’m in a field wearing pink and blue

What weak niggas see me?

Nigga, Young creators will scream with me

Nigga, you ain’t got drivers to just beep-beep .

They wanna talk shit from the back seat

Come and light, my fire, I’ll blow your fuckin’ face off

Nigga I’mma goddamn pilot

And I decide when we gon’ take off

Let’s get it

Tie the knot

Kick the chair

Up in the air

It’s cherry bomb

You muthafuckas want war, then come get it

You muthafuckas want war, I don’t want war


Just take me to the gun store

I don’t got enough time for your rolex nigga

I choke your dad, hit your mom, cuz I don’t know that nigga

Come and light my fire, I’ll blow your fuckin’ face off

Nigga, I’mma goddamn pilot

And I decide when we gon’ take off,

Let’s get it

Tie the knot

Kick the chair

Strangled in the air

It’s cherry bomb

You muthafuckas want war

They’re like “this that cherry bomb”

I’m a firecracker and I’m ready to blow, you fire me up, I lose control


Golf 191 Okaga

Playing only classic hits

  • Tyler, The Creator is hardly working on Cherry Bomb

On “DEATHCAMP,” the lead single from his fourth album, Cherry Bomb, Tyler croons plaintively, “I don’t like to abide by the rules / And it’s just who I am.” Might seem like a duplicative stated mission from the dude who did lead a “KILL PEOPLE / BURN SHIT / FUCK SCHOOL” chant on his significant debut. However, still, it is worth bearing in mind again for Creator’s latest, since the rap artist’s rejection to toe the party line runs much deeper than younger anti-authoritarianism: For each consecutive discharge, it becomes much more evident that Tyler is currently fighting against trying to follow the template any and everyone blueprint for his professional life, in a way that left his music as solitary as well as free-spirited like any rap artist of his creation, however in a way that still often leaves it void of intent.

Tyler The Creator Is Hardly Working On Cherry Bomb
Tyler The Creator Is Hardly Working On Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb would be both remarkable in its aspirations as well as stunningly beautiful in its hopelessness, meandering numerous styles of music into multi-part suites but coming off uncooked in its entirety. At least initially, the album bazookas from your speaker systems with the grimy, zombie-infested ’70s prog of “DEATHCAMP” colliding into the fuzz-trap of “BUFFALO” as well as the marsh funk growl of “PILOT,” an unrelenting having opened gambit designed to get people’s attention.

The rambling jazz-pop breaks the album’s momentum of “FIND YOUR WINGS” as well as the album’s garbled 74-second piano intro “RUN,” but it never fully recovers. The rest of the record varies between cinematographic lo-fi instrumentals and mildly understandable rap dirges, frequently on the same track. Few songs have enough continuity to feel like full songs.

What is most stunning about Cherry Bomb is how subdued Tyler’s vocal existence is on the whole item. Don’t ever mind that he sometimes does rap on a bunch of tracks; sometimes, on several of the ones and where he is doing, his speech is either entombed under layer upon layer of guitars, synthesizers, as well as production which seems to be vigorously trying to distract as from lyrics, or it’s influenced up to an unidentifiable pitch, making him look like a guest rap artist on his LP.

Tyler The Creator
Tyler The Creator

It’s telling that the song also has Tyler’s least immediate lyrics, having taken on dependable targets throughout old Mountain Dew foe Dr. Boyce Watkins, state legislator fellow rap artists, as well as peers too overly focused on getting wasted to create one‘s own Adult Swim TV shows or whichever, but discovering little to motivate either the vitriol or the self-examination which made his 1st three soundtracks so potent.

Which is not to say that this site is devoid of greatness. “DEATHCAMP” seems to be Tyler’s first N.E.R.D.-inspired jam to be deserving of idol Pharrell, as funky as well as freaky as the most incredible songs on In Search Of…, as well as studied enough to even start with a signature P instrumental count-off. With such a spot-on Charlie Wilson hook which concurrently parodies as well as pays homage to the glut of ’60s sleaze-pop whacks with related themes, “FUCKING YOUNG” is a rare instance of narrative concentrate on the album. It is humor as well as surprisingly moving testimony regarding Tyler’s self-aborted connection with an underage girl.

Even nearer, “OKAGA, CA” offers a pleasingly peaceful final thought to an album, one that starts to feel a lot more than that in melody with Tyler’s current state of mind — “IM NOT DEPRESSED SO YOU WONT BE HEARING NO SAD SHIT FROM ME AT ALL,” he wrote on twitter — than all the album’s more assertive cuts.

The rap star’s current problem is this: What does a notoriously virulent, great rabble-rousing artist do with his songs when he runs from out things to become angry about? Tyler seems sure. As such, he mainly utilizes Cherry Bomb as a possibility to gratify he possesses hero escapist fantasies: Pharrell’s on a path! He raps over that vocal chop as Pusha! He managed to score guest manufacturing from Leon Ware!

And, most noticeably, 2 of the most prominent rap artists demonstrate up for trade bars to him on the same track, the Yeezy- and Weezy-featuring “SMUCKERS.” There is not that much tissue that connects to it. Still, a few of T’s symbols can be used for their strong points — Skateboard P’s guest appearance is already on the song’s most amelodic cut, as well as the Wayne as well as Kanye verses, while independently great, are completely wasted on an inert beat that appears and disappears as it feels good as well as serves to disturb more than enhance their donations.

Cherry Bomb Album
Cherry Bomb Album

It’s enticing to consider Cherry Bomb as a transition phase album, although that difficult to deduce what is coming next for Tyler. Making the greatest hip-opera of the twenty-first century would still not be out of the question, presented his apparent disinterest in speaking inside his voice, gratitude for the cinematic, and propensity to play various characters in his tunes.

He’ll stop rapping altogether and create hip-endearingly hop’s slapdash Secret Life of Plants, an all-instrumental theme song, given what more fun he seems be having composing these days after all. Perhaps he’ll create Bastard and Goblin’s antithesis, the unicorn-fucking, rainbow-riding crown jewel of hip-long hop’s overdue second D.A.I.S.Y. Age. He might record a kid-friendly album.

Whatever the case, Tyler is an intriguing as well as a fantastic sufficient figure. If he desires to record himself trying to jump on his trampoline for just an hour, it will still be worth popping in for — at least each listen, after all. It’s been difficult to criticize the guy for his disinterest in criticism of him because rap is a much more exciting genre when artists don’t follow the script that fans would expect them to.

But whereas in the past Tyler, the Creator, and his fellow members of Odd Future could say they were working for the kids, they are no longer with all of them, and the kids seem to have been, at best, a faraway concern. Now, this is just Tyler attempting to make the album he wishes to make, and anyone who likes it is free not to listen. Okay, but he shouldn’t be shocked if fewer followers choose to take him up on that this time.

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