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Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Vinyl 1

Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Vinyl

On April 28, 2015, Tyler, The Creator will publish Cherry Bomb, his eagerly awaited new album, in physical form. The leader as well as co-founder of the innovative hip-hop group Odd Future, Tyler, The Creator has rapped on again and created songs for almost all of the group’s albums to date. 

His first album, Bastard, came out in December 2009; Goblin accompanied in April 2011. In April 2013, his third album, Wolf, was published with positive reviews, as well as debuted at number three on the Billboard Top 200. Details about Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Vinyl are provided below.

  • Tracklist of Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Vinyl

Tyler, The Creator has declared the physical release of his recently released album Cherry Bomb and various album artwork. There will be five different album covers for Cherry Bomb, featuring everything from cartoons to Tyler’s face to the close-up of a crotch (with stains…). It’s a similar strategy to his previous album Wolf, which also featured a variety of covers. One is the cartoon balaclava picture from the digital edition, and another displays a close-up of a person wearing denim who looks like he wet his pants!

Tracklist Of Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Vinyl
Tracklist Of Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Vinyl

Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Vinyl has 14 songs. Here is the tracklist:

  1. Deathcamp

Engineer [Additional Engineering By] – Jack DeBoe

Featuring – Cole Alexander Of Black Lips

Producer [Additional Production By] – Michael Einziger

Vocals [Additional Vocals], Guitar – Cole Alexander Of Black Lips

Written-By – H.Weems, T. Okonma

  1. Buffalo

Piano – Colin Boyd

Written-By – T. Okonma

  1. Pilot

Featuring – Syd Bennett

Written-By – T. Okonma

  1. Run

Featuring – Chaz Bundick, Schoolboy Q

Vocals [Additional Vocals] – Chaz Bundick, Schoolboy Q

Written-By – T. Okonma

  1. Find Your Wings

Featuring – Jameel Kirk Bruner, Kali Uchis, Onitsha Shaw, Roy Ayers, Samantha Nelson, Syd Bennett, Tiffany Palmer

Musical Assistance – Daniel Avila

Piano – Jameel Kirk Bruner

Recorded By [Vibraphone Recorded By, Assisted By] – Daniel Avila

Recorded By [Vibraphone Recorded By] – James Yost

Trombone – Gaika James

Trumpet – Daniel Hardaway

Vibraphone – Roy Ayers

Vocals [Additional Vocals] – Kali Uchis, Onitsha Shaw, Samantha Nelson, Syd Bennett, Tiffany Palmer

Written-By – T. Okonma

  1. Cherry Bomb

Written-By – T. Okonma

  1. Blow My Load

Featuring – Dam-Funk, Wanya Morris

Synthesizer – Dam-Funk

Vocals [Additional Vocals] – Shane Powers

Written-By – T. Okonma

       8a. 2Seater

Featuring – Aaron Shaw, Samantha Nelson

Producer [Additional Production By] – Mike Einziger

Saxophone – Aaron Shaw 

Vocals [Additional Vocals] – Crystal Anne Tillman, Samantha Nelson

Written-By – T. Okonma

    8b. Hair Blows

Featuring – Austin Feinstein, Syd Bennett

Guitar – Austin Feinstein

Vocals [Additional Vocals] – Syd Bennett

Written-By – T. Okonma

  1. The Brown Stains Of Darkeese Latifah (Part 6-12) (Remix)

Featuring – Schoolboy Q

Written-By – Q. Hanley, T. Okonma

   10a. Fucking Young

Backing Vocals – Syd Bennett

Featuring – Charlie Wilson, Chaz Bundick, Syd Bennett

Guitar – Chaz Bundick

Vocals [Additional Vocals] – Charlie Wilson

Written-By – T. Okonma

   10b. Perfect

Featuring – Kali Uchis

Vocals [Additional Vocals] – Kali Uchis

Written-By – K. Uchis, T. Okonma

  1. Smuckers

Featuring – Kanye West, Lil Wayne

Recorded By [Kanye West Recorded By] – Noah Goldstein

Recorded By [Lil Wayne Recorded By] – Angel ‘Ohnel’ Aponte

Vocals [Additional Vocals] – Samantha Nelson

Written-By – D. Carter, K. West, T. Okonma

Written-By [Sample] – G. Ducros

  1. Keep Da O’s

Featuring – Coco O., Pharrell Williams

Recorded By [Pharrell Williams Recorded By] – Mike Larsen

Recorded By [Pharrell Williams Recorded By] [Assisted By] – Raphael Mesquita

Vocals [Additional] – Coco Owino, Pharrell Williams

Written-By – P. Williams, T. Okonma

Written-By [Sample] – A. Dubin*, H. Warren

  1. Okaga, CA

Featuring – Alice Smith, Clem Creevy Of Cherry Glazerr, Leon Ware

Vocals [Additional Vocals] – Alice Smith, Clementine Creevy*, Leon Ware

Written-By – C. Creevy, T. Okonma

  1. Yellow (Bonus)

Vocals [Additional Vocals] – Kali Uchis

Written-By – T. Okonma

  • What’s unique about Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator 

The career of Tyler, The Creator is firmly rooted in the shock factor. His third studio album, Cherry Bomb, which was unexpectedly released early on April 12, fit right in this month. His appearance at Coachella the following weekend helped promote the album, which was already audibly buzzing in part due to features from Kanye West, Lil Wayne, ScHoolboy Q, and Pharrell. Tyler generated the entire hour-long album, which will become increasingly apparent as the instrumentals mimic the ADHD persona that has given him a cult-like following.

Cherry Bomb sounds like a sloppy tribute to N.E.R.D. with a bit of Yeezus thrown in for good measure. Tyler proudly discloses the album’s influences rather than trying to mislead listeners. Each of Pharrell and ‘Ye’s appearances on a song—”Keep Da O’s” and “Smuckers,” respectively—implicitly co-signs the overall homage.

However, due to vocal effects, Pharrell’s contribution is easily missed. It’s one of several startling strategies Tyler employs in the album, which the listener finds both fascinating and challenging. The vocals are frequently lost in a sea of frantic instrumental noise. Many of the verses are barely audible, with a few bars occasionally bobbing to the surface to gasp something audible. The beats run the show.

The Unique About Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator
The Unique About Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator

He gave us so much to chew on in the production, finishing with transitions that made our stomachs turn like a roller coaster. Before a chorus of fingers snapping it into the expertly pitched-up soul, “Keep Da O’s” has lasers firing a gun out of its eyes. In “Find Your Wings,” Kali Uchis uplifts with her ethereal crooning over a haven of the mellow piano as well as easy horns. “Cherry Bomb “‘s drum knocks like the police just before the sleazy drop that is intended to sound like it’s trying to blow your speakers apart (which it might). Every track—from the beautifully crafted to the disorganized and chaotic—deserves analysis. Tyler has turned his verbal misbehavior from the past toward production.

In his scorching performance of “Buffalo,” Tyler discusses his feud with Boyce Watkins, Hopsin, Mountain Dew, his detain in Austin last year, and much more. Kanye gives us a laid-back throwback flow, as well as Wayne also shines with the effortless power that typified the golden age of mixtapes.

Cherry Bomb is both menacing and lighthearted, impressive and disjointed. His astounding and developing talent is more than sufficient as he figures out where to take his story. His greatest accomplishment to date, Cherry Bomb, cemented his position in the field, with or without the glaringly absent Odd Future crew.

  • Stream Tyler, The Creator’s Cherry Bomb album

Last week, the founder of Odd Future made the LP pre-orderable. The head of the OFWGKTA has been working hard this year alone. Tyler has one of Adult Swim’s top shows, a new app, and a magazine in the works, and he’s making a ton of money off of socks from his clothing line. For him, things are going very well.

Stream Tyler The Creator Cherry Bomb Album
Stream Tyler The Creator Cherry Bomb Album

Cherry Bomb can be heard below. Five different covers for physical copies will be released in two weeks:

  1. DEATHCAMP (feat. Cole Alexander)
  2. BUFFALO (feat. Shane Powers)
  3. PILOT (feat. Sydney Bennett)
  4. RUN (feat. Chaz Bundick & ScHoolboy Q)
  5. FIND YOUR WINGS (feat. Roy Ayers, Sydney Bennett & Kali Uchis)
  7. BLOW MY LOAD (feat. Wanya Morris, Dâm-Funk, Austin Feinstein & Sydney Bennett)
  8. 2SEATER (feat. Aaron Shaw, Samantha Nelson & Austin Feinstein)
  10. FUCKING YOUNG / PERFECT (feat. Charlie Wilson, Chaz Bundick, Sydney Bennett & Kali Uchis)
  11. SMUCKERS (feat. Lil Wayne & Kanye West)
  12. KEEP DA O’S (feat. Pharrell Williams & Coco O.)
  13. OKAGA, CA (feat. Alice Smith, Leon Ware & Clem Creevy)

Currently, Wolf Haley is in Indio, California, where he recently performed at Coachella 2015. (Apr. 11). The two songs from Cherry Bomb that he previewed last week were included in his set. In a tweet yesterday, Tyler, The Creator announced that he will launch his radio station on the Golf Wang Media app the following week and that he has chosen 587 songs to play on it. The Cherry Bomb tour will follow.

  • Sales numbers for Cherry Bomb Tyler the Creator are in the first week

The data is in, and Tyler, the Creator’s new album Cherry Bomb enjoyed an excellent first week of sales. Cherry Bomb debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 charts despite possessing very little in common with a conventional, high-budget promotional blitz in its lead-up. The fourth full-length release from Tyler, The Creator only sold 58,000 copies in its first week, falling short by about 31,000 copies of the 89,000 copies Tyler’s prior LP Wolf sold in the first week.

Sales Numbers For Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Are In The First Week
Sales Numbers For Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Are In The First Week

Miss Info also observes that, as noted by Billboard, physical copies of Cherry Bomb arrived at physical stores on April 17. Until enough fans continue to rush to their local retailer to buy physical copies, Cherry Bomb’s sales figures may eventually converge with those of Wolf. This most recent information was released shortly after a Cherry Bomb bonus cut starring Kali Uchis appeared online.

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