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Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator

Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator

Tyler, the Creator released a significant new album in 2015. The 13-track Cherry Bomb album, which includes well-known artists like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Pharrell, as well as Schoolboy Q, became available for download and online streaming on Monday.

According to a review in the Guardian, the compilation’s headline, Cherry Bomb, is suitable because it is “nearly an hour’s worth of fizzy sonics as well as lush eruptions of synths and strings.” Here are a few things about Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator you might find interesting.

1. About Cherry Bomb album

The tracklist

Just hours before his performance at Coachella, Tyler, The Creator shared the complete tracklist for his fourth album, Cherry Bomb, on Instagram last night.

The day after the leader of Odd Future unveiled his brand-new Golf Media app, information about the album and an iTunes pre-order page first surfaced earlier this week. The first 2 album tracks, “Deathcamp” and “Fucking Young,” each have an official music video.

Cherry Bomb Tracklist
Cherry Bomb Tracklist

Below you can see the thirteen tracks as well as the album cover art. While the specifics of the appearances are still unknown, speculation suggests that Lil Wayne, as well as Kanye West, will be on “Smuckers.”


  1. Deathcamp
  2. Buffalo
  3. Pilot
  4. Run
  5. Find Your Wings
  6. Cherry Bomb
  7. Blowmyload
  8. 2Seater
  9. The Brownstains
  10. Fucking Young
  11. Smuckers
  12. Keep Da O’s
  13. Okaga, CA

Promotion and release

Tyler’s Cherry Bomb Tour, which will make stops in several countries worldwide, beginning with his live album opening at Coachella on April 11 to September 13 in Tokyo, was declared on April 9, 2015, according to Rap-Up. Tyler published a music video for his song “Fucking Young” the same day he unveiled his Golf Media app and Golf Magazine. Tyler revealed on Twitter that Cherry Bomb would have five different album covers and, therefore, would obtain a physical release two weeks after the digital release. The complete track list was made public on Tyler’s Instagram on April 12, 2015.


Before the album’s official release on April 10, 2015, the lead as well as second singles, “Deathcamp” as well as “Fucking Young / Perfect,” were made available accessible on the iTunes Store. A portion of the video clip for “Deathcamp” is included in the video clip for “Fucking Young.”

Other songs

A dual video for the song for “Buffalo” as well as “Find Your Wings” was uploaded to the Odd Future YouTube channel on October 1, 2015. In the music video for “Buffalo,” Tyler, whose body is painted white, escapes from being hanged before being pursued by a group of angry black people. The “Find Your Wings” segment of the video includes Tyler as well as another backing Odd Future musician performing the song on a program styled after a music program from the 1970s.


On a two-disc enlarged edition of the album, which was published on October 12, 2018, Tyler, the Creator included the instrumentals from Cherry Bomb. When Cherry Bomb was first released, Tyler referred to it as “the music I’ve always wished to create.”


Year-end lists for Cherry Bomb:

Publication List Rank
Noisey The 50 Best Albums of 2015 43
Crack Magazine Albums of the Year 2015 83

2. Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Vinyl

Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Vinyl
Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Vinyl

Tyler The Creator has declared the wide release of his recently released album Cherry Bomb, along with various artwork. There will be five different album covers for Cherry Bomb, featuring everything from cartoons to Tyler’s face to a nearby crotch (with stains…). It’s a move akin to his last album, Wolf, which featured a variety of covers. 

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3. Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator lyrics

“Aw, nah

Boy don’t cut that wood

Found out his flowers don’t smell that good

But if they smell real good to him

Then he don’t need anybody else’s nose to win

Look, I am a god

No, I don’t pray to society

All you other niggas wear camouflage

I’m in a field wearing pink and blue

What weak niggas see me?

Nigga, Young creators will scream with me

Nigga, you ain’t got drivers to just beep-beep .

They wanna talk shit from the back seat

Come and light, my fire, I’ll blow your fuckin’ face off

Nigga I’mma goddamn pilot

And I decide when we gon’ take off

Let’s get it

Tie the knot

Kick the chair

Up in the air

It’s cherry bomb

You muthafuckas want war, then come get it

You muthafuckas want war, I don’t want war


Just take me to the gun store

I don’t got enough time for your rolex nigga

I choke your dad, hit your mom, cuz I don’t know that nigga

Come and light my fire, I’ll blow your fuckin’ face off

Nigga, I’mma goddamn pilot

And I decide when we gon’ take off,

Let’s get it

Tie the knot

Kick the chair

Strangled in the air

It’s cherry bomb

You muthafuckas want war

They’re like “this that cherry bomb”

I’m a firecracker and I’m ready to blow, you fire me up, I lose control”

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4. Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator album cover

The brand-new album from Tyler, the Creator, titled Cherry Bomb, is now downloadable and streamable online. On April 28, it’ll be physically released with five different covers. On Instagram, Tyler disclosed the covers.

Tyler has been commenting on the album’s songs on his Twitter page. Cherry Bomb, Tyler, The Creator’s fourth full-length album, was just released on iTunes. As is customary, he posted some thoughts about the album on Twitter. Tyler’s banter is an invaluable tool for anyone listening to an album for the initial time because it sheds light on his sources of inspiration and collaborations with artists like Kanye, Lil Wayne, Roy Ayers, Pharrell, Coco O, and much more. 

Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Album Cover
Cherry Bomb Tyler The Creator Album Cover

Additionally, he will design his radio with a playlist of more than 500 songs for the Golf Media App. A physical copy with five distinct album covers will be available at the end of a month in addition to the digital download.

The alternate Cherry Bomb Cover by Tyler, the Creator is one of them. Tyler, The Creator, in particular, has stated that the physical edition of his latest album, Cherry Bomb, will include five different covers. This is because he does not take the merchandising associated with his music lightly; after all, he also has an Odd Future TV show devoted to his aesthetic. There will still be four more, along with one of Tyler pissing himself while holding a cigarette. Another has already been used as the cover for the online edition; it is a photograph of Tyler wearing a pink mask over his head.

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5. Review Cherry Bomb album

Tyler’s personality is visible in Cherry Bomb

Tyler’s second official album, as well as their fourth long player, Cherry Bomb, exhibits all of his personality’s positive and negative traits. It reminds us that Tyler, the Creator creates the total amount of his arduous, trying, kaleidoscopic self. It is clever, annoying, obnoxious, as well as creative.

Tyler’s third official album, as well as fourth long-player, Cherry Bomb, perfectly captures his self-described traits in both positive and negative ways. His most vital point was his ability to create vivid, candy-colored jazz chords that used a synth-heavy blitz straight (and occasionally blatantly) from the Pharrell playbook. Cherry Bomb is a fast swerve from this lane, not precisely a hard left turn.

For someone who is almost 25 years old, he is still every once in a while annoying and startlingly adolescent (on “Smuckers” he defiantly raps, “Fuck your loud pack, and fuck your Snapchat” with the gusto of Ian MacKaye, declaring his devotion to straight edge). Making the lead track from his rap album a Stevie Wonder-inspired bop about just a young couple is his idea of a laugh. 

Tyler Personality Is Visible In Cherry Bomb
Tyler Personality Is Visible In Cherry Bomb

The fact that the song is excellent—a warm-sounding part of pop music with a cameo from the indescribable Charlie Wilson—helps make the joke “land,” of course. It’s a clever, infuriating, loud, inventive, and on-the-verge-of-genius tactic from someone who isn’t quite in his final form.

The comparative brevity of Cherry Bomb is its most vital point. The length of Goblin and Wolf, which felt like such a betrayal from one of Tyler’s greatest strengths—shotgun bursts of ingenuity and agony as opposed to woozy, multi-part dirges that surrounded on self-parody—felt like a weakness. Cherry Bomb still has three songs that are longer than six minutes, but they change internally, much like the jazz Tyler loves, to the point where it almost feels like there are three songs in one. Tyler’s work is still far from “minimalist,” and this tweet pretty much captures how he approached this album. Just Tyler, the Creator, as his extensive, striving, kaleidoscope self, can produce anything.

Cherry Bomb is a confusing album that surpasses everything 

Cherry Bomb is a puzzling album that, at times, surpasses anything Tyler has placed his name on and, at other times, is just plain annoying. One of two tracks Tyler showcased before Cherry Bomb’s publication was the exploding opener DEATHCAMP, which directly borrows from N.E.R.D’s funkrockrap. Now that I know just what tracklisting sounds like, it seems odd that DEATHCAMP was chosen as the first track. Track 2 uses a sample from Pusha T’s Number On The Boards. When combined to Tyler’s synths as well as drum patterns, it creates a very crowded as well as markedly rough introduction that also includes the third track, PILOT, which is even more grating.

Tyler the Creator’s favorite of his albums is “Cherry Bomb”

Tyler, The Creator admitted that among his works, his third LP Cherry Bomb is his absolute favorite in a recent interview with Fantastic Man.

Cherry Bomb, which was released in 2015, included many well-known guest artists. Some critics deemed Cherry Bomb to be Tyler’s greatest overtly N.E.R.D-influenced song. Tyler has long proclaimed to be a huge fan of the band. Pharrell Williams was also featured on the song “KEEP DA O’S” from the album.

In another section of the interview, Tyler talked about the popularity of the 2017 film Flower Boy, which received a great deal of praise from critics for its deep production and inside looked at Tyler’s mind. The evolution of Tyler’s rapping about sexuality, which also culminated in Flower Boy songs like “Garden Shed” as well as “I Ain’t Got Time,” was examined by Genius.

“It’s easier to listen to and more approachable. Shit doesn’t need to be taken out because I have excellent hooks and beats. It is coherent. The album cover is perfect. I make all of my points clear,” he claimed. “The features are nicely executed. I came up with my way of writing a rap song that sounds like a pop song. Even now, my musical weirdness isn’t too offensive.

Tyler The Creator Favorite Of His Albums Cherry Bomb
Tyler The Creator Favorite Of His Albums Cherry Bomb

Tyler reflected on the reception to Cherry Bomb, which turned out to be one of his least financially viable albums, in a video interview with Jerrod Carmichael.

“Everybody despised it. Except, like, for real music enthusiasts who are interested in drums,” he said. I once began a rap album with such a rock song, for example.

In contrast, Tyler recently asserted in a GQ Style interview that, looking back, his debut studio album Goblin is actually “horrible.”

Tyler has remained active since Flower Boy’s discharge. He has issued various singles as well as remixes, such as “TIPTOE,” “GELATO,” as well as the A$AP Rocky-featuring “POTATO SALAD,” and he’s toured with Vince Staples.

Cherry Bomb is an album on the same mental process as Wolf, even though much of the aforementioned is more influenced by Bastard with a synthesizer injection. Many of the most skillfully crafted and layered tracks I’ve listened to coexist with loud assaults of sound. The most precise illustration of this is the song Find Your Wings, which begins with symphonic strings and builds to a beat, as well as vocal accompaniment about halfway through. This song functions exactly as Treehome does.

After this brief moment of delicacy, this same title track is played; even for Tyler, this song is abrasive. Tyler’s voice is obscured by distorted white noise, and the song’s drums are incredibly dissonant, making it impossible to listen to. But once more, after such a stern listening experience, BLOW MY LOAD provides a chill one. The track is finally split into two parts, the moment of which features vocals from Syd Tha Kyd once more, just as she did on Wolf’s Answer. The manufacturing is noticeably layered. The middle track, 2SEATER, attempts to meld the album’s two opposed elements—the brutality and the delicacy—but I’m not convinced.

Cherry Bomb Tyler Albums
Cherry Bomb – Tyler’s Albums

As Tyler, The Creator’s Cherry Bomb goes on. The novelty is expected to wear off when KEEP DA O’S, allegedly featuring Pharrell, comes along. Tyler is competent in both his musical genres—the close-to horrorcore rap as well as the horn-powered, synth-driven, close-to R&B—but Cherry Bomb functions as a bizarre compilation album that combines everything Tyler is capable of. Even though it’s arguably superfluous, the second part of the song “Fucking Youngbest “‘s track, “Come Outro-Perfect,” ruins the song.

I’m beginning to grow weary of Tyler and his hazy idea of what he desires to do because of the droning vocals at the end of 2SEATER, the Garbage-like beat on track 9, as well as the unlistenable noise on PILOT, dare I say it? In addition to creating credible layered gems, he wants to stay true to his fanbase by continuing to make noise that borders thrash. Even so, as Tyler moans against the same kind of beat for the entirety of his fourth studio album, I’m left feeling frustrated. There are some fantastic tracks on Cherry Bomb, like Wolf, but the rest is made up of too many duds.

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