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1. How can I discover out if Tyler The Creator Merch has received my product?

Option 1:

Visit the Tyler The Creator Merch website’s Track Order page, then enter your order details to check.

Option 2:

You can monitor your order using the e-mail that served as your verification. Choose the Manage or Track Order click in the footer of the e-mail.

Option 3:

Once your order was delivered, we sent you a fulfillment email with tracking links.

Option 4:

On your Tyler, The Creator Merch Account, look up the state of your orders.

Recheck your email & order ID, or contact us for support if you still can’t find your order.

2. Why hasn’t the status of my order been tracked and updated? What ought I do?

There are some circumstances where tracking information may not have been updated right away, including:

– Just now was, the tracking number generated. Due to lag times between the scanning procedure and the website’s updates, it could take up to 7 business days after delivery for your tracking number to be updated.

– The package might not be scanned until it reaches the regional hub near to the location.

– Between the place of origin and the nation of destination, the package is currently in transit. The tracking data won’t be updated after the package departs the origin nation till it gets to the destination nation.

We advise waiting 5-7 business days and then rechecking the tracking link. But if your tracking status hasn’t changed in more than ten business days, please get in touch with us so we can help you immediately.

3. What is covered by the total price?

Product costs plus shipping costs and taxes equal your total payment (if any)

– Only the product’s subtotal is affected by the discount code; not just the item’s total price
– Depending on the weight & shipping location, the shipping cost is determined.
– Only some nations require tax payment; the following question thoroughly explains.
As just a result, the shipping fee and tax would be added now since you join your delivery address.

4. Will I be liable for taxes & customs fees?

Since countries of destination govern tax & custom fees, it varies depending on your delivery address. Several European countries currently impose the VAT Tax.

– Regarding tax: Taxes are not currently included in the prices displayed on our main site. However, prior to actually submitting your order at the checkout, you would be aware of the precise tax rate. During checkout, VAT tax may well be added to the receiving for shipments to addresses in Europe. It was established that the standard VAT tax of 20% would be applied to all sales transactions of services or goods that aren’t included in the other levels.

– Regarding Customs fee: Only certain nations are subject to this charge. Because it is handled and charged by Customs upon entry into your country, we cannot include it once you check out. The passport office in your nation will let you know if there is a fee.

5. How can I gain knowledge about more Tyler The Creator’s merch?

Visit to learn more about a particular product, including size charts, categories, color schemes, and safety instructions.
Contact us if you require more assistance to receive help from a real person.

6. How can I get a discount code for Tyler The Creator Merch?

– To receive 10% off, sign up on our website.


Because of the large number of requests, this could take 15 to 20 minutes for the email containing this code to arrive in your mailbox. Please wait as well as double all of your mailboxes, such as the spam folder, prior to actually putting your order.

– Maybe after waiting, chat with us if you still don’t get the e-mail.

7. Why didn’t I receive the welcome discount code after signing up?

After you verify your subscription to Tyler The Creator Merch, you will receive an e-mail with a welcome code. The average delivery time for this e-mail containing the coupon code is around 5 to 10 minutes. If you haven’t already, could you:
– Verify that you entered the correct e-mail.
– After 15 to 20 minutes, verify your mailbox once more.
The spam or the other folder, like the promotions file, may receive this email. If so, kindly mark emails from Tyler The Creator Merch as not spam in those file systems.

8. Is it possible to change the shipping address or design after placing orders?

Only the first two hours after placing your order, in addition to on your own, are allowed for you to change your shipment or design preferences (hair, color, quotes, etc.).
We can’t guarantee that now the design can be edited then after the window of time, so please get in touch with us through live chat so that we can verify it for you.

Please be aware that any edit requests will no longer be accepted six hours after the order has been approved.

9. How can I revoke my purchase?

After placing orders, you will have two hours to cancel something.
If you want to cancel after this window, please chat with all of us. If the order can be canceled, we will then confirm it.
Please be aware that cancellations made after the order has been approved for 6 hours will not be accepted any longer.

10. From where is Tyler The Creator merchandise shipped?

We are a US-based business that has several fulfillment facilities all over the world. We maintain storage facilities in the US, UK, EU, Australia, & Canada.
As long as there is enough stock, all orders are dispatched from the warehouse that is closest to the shipment.

11. Is expedited shipping an option?

Only shipments to the UK, US, Canada, & Australia can use expedited shipping, also known as express shipping.
Shortly, our team will unquestionably expand the Express shipping line to certain other nations.

12. Why are my packages being sent apart?

If your order includes a variety of goods, the manufacturing process may divide your items into separate shipments. You can shop confidently knowing that you’ll only pay one shipping cost at checkout for all the products in your order.

For every shipment in your order, you’ll get a shipping notification. Now that 5-7 business days have passed since the first package was delivered and the second package still hasn’t arrived, chat with us, and we will help you immediately.

13. Can I return my Tyler The Creator Merch purchase?

We don’t currently have any policies in place for returns of goods. To get a replacement or even a refund, you don’t have to send back the purchased defective item.

14. Can I place a single order with multiple addresses?

Unfortunately, only one shipping address will be used for each order. If you need someone’s things delivered to different locations, set up separate order details.

15. Can I include a gift card or just a receipt with my package?

A receipt, as well as a gift card, cannot currently be included in a package. Soon, we’ll consist of the gift card option alongside the box.

16. I was sent an email asking me to “Verify your Tyler The Creator Merch account,” but why?

There are two potential causes for this:
– You recently purchased a guest at Tyler The Creator Merch (with no account).
– Long ago, you purchased Tyler The Creator Merch.
Your account will be automatically created by our system with your help and connected to your email. We don’t wish you to miss the opportunity to use a Tyler The Creator Merch account and benefit from excellent incentives. However, this account even now lacks both your final verification as well as a password. As a result, you have received this email.

Please create a new password after effectively confirming your e-mail using the Forgot Tyler The Creator Merch password login option.

You can benefit greatly from having a Tyler The Creator Merch account.