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Juggernaut Tyler The Creator

Juggernaut Tyler the Creator

The fourteenth track on his album Call Me If You Get Lost, “Juggernaut,” features Pharrell Williams, Lil Uzi Vert, as well as Tyler, The Creator. DJ Drama continues to contribute to it, and you can hear his vocals all over the album.

The production is heavily bass-driven and distorted, similar to earlier Tyler songs like “Cherry Bomb” rather than “Okra.”

On June 25, 2021, the song and album video clip were both published. A rumor that “Juggernaut” was initially a portion of a scrapped project Pharrell as well as Uzi had planned to put out four years ago, was making the rounds on Genius as well as Twitter, and yet Tyler denied these claims. Let’s discover Juggernaut Tyler the Creator.

  • In “Juggernaut,” Tyler, the Creator soars above the clouds

In a brand-new music video for his debut song, “Juggernaut,” by rapper Tyler, The Creator, which was released on June 25, we see him towing Jeeps and flying through the clouds. This co-occurs when Tyler, The Creator releases his eagerly awaited lastest album, Call Me If You Get Lost.

The song “Juggernaut,” which features vocals from Pharrell Williams as well as Lil Uzi Vert, was written and produced by Tyler The Creator. I just cut a few new lemons, where was the sugar?, among other lyrics from the song,” are playful and upbeat and use TTC’s trademark comedic rhyme schemes. Call them boogers: “Lemon in my soda, lemon in my ears.”

In Juggernaut Tyler The Creator Soars Above The Clouds
In Juggernaut Tyler The Creator Soars Above The Clouds

“Juggernaut,” TTC’s third track, is one of a number of songs that will appear on Call Me If You Get Lost. TTC released the song “Wasyuname” on June 22, along with a self-directed new music video in which he pursues a woman who captures his attention while on a lovely, scenic road trip.

Juggernaut Tyler the Creator also comes out after the comedy skit “Brown Sugar Salmon,” in which TTC tries to arrange the dish on a luxurious train ride but is repeatedly turned down.

Juggernaut By Tyler The Creator
Juggernaut By Tyler The Creator

The 30-year-old rapper and comedian go all out with the bizarre imagery in the video clip for Juggernaut Tyler the Creator. The scene opens with TTC standing in front of an orange tree wearing a mountain hat, a suit, a blazer, and diamond jewelry. The next scene shows TTC dancing atop what appears to be a minivan with Jeep-sized wheels. After just a scene in which TTC is carrying the minivan, the camera cuts to him falling from the air as he sings the final verse, and then the title screen with the words “Call Me If You Get Lost” is displayed.

You can listen to Call Me If You Get Lost on all internet streaming platforms. Additionally, there are two different CD/two different cassette/poster/t-shirt box sets/t-shirt box sets available for purchase by fans to go along with the new album.

  • Tyler shows off a Cullinan monster truck in the “Juggernaut” video

A 16-track masterpiece featuring uncredited cameos from 42 Dugg, Ty Dolla Sign, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Lil Wayne, Domo Genesis, Brent Faiyaz, DJ Drama (who effectively transforms the album into a Gangsta Grillz mixtape), and much more was released by Tyler The Creator as his 7th studio album. Tyler boasts about his clothing brand, various pricey toys, as well as rich life in a new video for “Juggernaut,” which also stars Lil Uzi Vert and Pharrell Williams. This new clip follows dope videos for “Lumberjack” as well as “Wusyaname.”

The video starts with Tyler strolling through a field of lemons before cutting to the Odd Future member performing his song on top of a Rolls Royce Cullinan modified to look like a monster truck. At the same time, another Tyler pulls the enormous truck by its rope from the ground. Regrettably, neither Uzi nor Pharrell appears in the video’s abrupt album title that appears after Tyler drops from the sky.

Tyler Shows Off A Cullinan Monster Truck In The Juggernaut Video
Tyler Shows Off A Cullinan Monster Truck In The Juggernaut Video

Following 2019’s IGOR, which featured 12 tracks and donations from Playboi Carti, Uzi, Solange, Kanye West, as well as comedian Jerrod Carmichael, Call Me If You Get Lost a more exploratory, genre-bending album. One hundred sixty-five thousand album comparable units were sold during the initial week of release, propelling IGOR to the top of the Billboard 200 and becoming Tyler’s first number-one album. Later, that body of work received a Gold certification.

  • A song from the album Tyler the Creator ft. Lil Uzi Vert as well as Pharrell Juggernaut

With the discharge of Igor in 2019, the rap star’s fifth album, Tyler The Creator began a new career phase. It saw him truly showcasing his artistic talent in the manner he desired. Tyler had bad emotions about the honor, but luckily for him, it all worked out because the song ended up winning Rap Album Of The Year at the 2020 Grammys. All of that is behind him because he has released his most recent album, Call Me If You Get Lost.

A standout track from Call Me If You Get Lost’s 16 songs is “Juggernaut,” which features Lil Uzi Vert and Pharrell. A song is a bass-driven number that is as erratic and disorganized as it is upbeat and buoyant. This is mainly due to the song’s raucous drum placement, which creates a distinctive backdrop for the three rap artists to lay their bars on.

A Song From The Album Tyler The Creator
A Song From The Album Tyler The Creator

Shortly after the album’s release, the California-born rap artist took to Twitter to dispel rumors that the song Juggernaut Tyler the Creator was originally intended for an Uzi x Pharrell project that was never completed. Tyler responded, “I don’t know who starts narratives, but it isn’t from a scrapped as well as album, in which you got that info.

In the video clip, Tyler can be seen dancing on a sizable Rolls Royce Cullinan that is reminiscent of one of the initial verse’s lines. Tyler’s lip syncs his portion even though Uzi’s verse is in this video. Additionally, the music video ends before Pharrell’s. It concludes abruptly with “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” jingle, just like the other music videos for this album.

  • Juggernaut lyrics by Tyler The Creator

Hey, Ms. Parker

Wait, wait, wait, wait

Somethin’ like (uh-oh)

I just cut some fresh lemons, where’s the sugar?

Lemon in my ‘ade, lemon in my ears, call ’em boogers

Rather six feet ‘fore I’m ever seen with you niggas (hold up)


What it is? It’s that nigga T, skin look colored in (woo)

Ridin’ in, double-double R, that’s that Cullinan (yeah)

Pullin’ in that four hundred grand, I just ordered this (yeah)

Switzerland, Lake Geneva, where I spend my summer in (true story)

GOLD Le FLEUR, that’s Gianno shoe, what I’m runnin’ in

Earlobe look like headlights on a minivan (Gangsta Grillz)

I’m so motherfuckin’ dead-ass, I need some Timberlands (woo)

I battle any man, Uzi Vert, don’t think they understand (yeah, yeah)

Uh (skrrt, cool), double C on my feet

Double G on my freak (ooh), Louis V by my brick

She wan’ kick it with me, she better eat it then leave (leave, whoa)

She try save all the plants but keep eatin’ my meat

We can’t see none of ’em, grow, she keep eatin’ my seeds (woo)

Got a E and a B on the back of the CT

I’m done with the 12, got a V16

Uh, say the money comin’ in, yeah, that’s true

The more money I get, I don’t wan’ sex you

Can’t think about the last time that I text you

It’s probably when sidekicks had them belt loops

Sign my John Hancock on a bitch every time I check you

Just like a brand new Lamb’, I wreck you, uh

So if it’s mine, it’s yours, woo, woo, woo

Ride to the dinner tapin’

Out of time and imagine her in the exit

Last year, more than what Google say my net is

I got cheddar with the chef in the tinted exit (like whoa)

Uh, uh, uh

It’s the double P, I rock double C

Man, I run them beats like you run in cleats

Man, come to me, you want somethin’ to see

This internally flawed, that’s a double Vs

What troubles me is you couple me

With these subtle fleas tryna double league

Hornet trapped in the hive

Of a motherfuckin’ bumblebee

They just got the closest picture of the fuckin’ sun surface, that was us

Got the LaFerrari, park that bitch just for one purpose, catchin’ dust

My Secret Service carry mops, you call ’em street sweepers, back you up

Tat’ you up then add you up, then give you a cover like Adwoa

If the shit’s fake, I don’t respect it

It’s clickbait and that’s distaste like a shit shake

What a difference your wrist make when it’s Richard-made

Hungry eyes tend to fixate like a empty stomach for a fish plate

Shit-faced, get this straight, this is truck, wheels, deck, grip tape

Ride to the dinner tapin’

Out of time and imagine her in the exit (why you even talkin’ to us?)

Last year, more than what Google say my net is (God damn)

I got cheddar with the chef in the tinted exit

Uh, uh, uh (bitch)

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