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New Magic Wand

New Magic Wand

In “New Magic Wand,” Tyler tries his hardest to persuade the person he has emotions for to stay with him. The individual Tyler is in love with is still reflecting on their prior union with a woman. In the track, Tyler goes to great lengths to achieve what he wants, including threatening to kill all his love interests as well as his love interest’s ex-girlfriend.

In a bracket leaderboard of all his personal favorites, which Tyler posted on Twitter on September 12, 2020, he concluded that “New Magic Wand” was his most excellent song ever. The song dethroned OKAGA, CA to claim the top spot. On May 30, 2019, Tyler had stated previously on IGOR that it was his favorite song.

On May 14, 2019, Tyler uploaded a 47-second teaser of the song to his social media accounts. The song’s opening beat is gritty, and the bridge includes a soft synth change. 

  • Tyler The Creator shared ‘New Magic Wand’ teaser video

Igor, Tyler The Creator’s upcoming album, has been getting a ton of teasing ahead of its release on May 17, 2019. He has since returned with a new preview of the album in the form of a brief video titled “New Magic Wand.”

A related all-yellow outfit to only one Tyler wore in yesterday’s “A Boy Is A Gun” teaser is featured in the opening of the video, but this time Tyler is rocking a blond hair mushroom cut/bowl cut/short bob hairstyle.

Tyler The Creator Shared New Magic Wand Teaser Video
Tyler The Creator Shared New Magic Wand Teaser Video

Following a few seconds of Tyler performing the track on a stage with such a blue backdrop as well as repeating the line “Please don’t leave me now,” the camera slowly pans out to unveil that he is in the middle of a desert with four enthusiastic fans. Tyler then appears to be running in circles as he flees the scene. “Best live show of all time, thanks, Santigold,” he captioned the clip. Soon after posting the video, he added the hashtag #likemagic, gone to his tweet.

Tyler has so far teased a diverse album in his album previews. In contrast to yesterday’s “A Boy Is A Gun” teaser, which was soulful and influenced by classic hip-hop, “New Magic Wand” is more contemporary and electronic. However, the soul element is still present in the final seconds of the clip.

  • Lyrics review of New Magic Wand

The sixth track, “New Magic Wand,” appears on Tyler, The Creator’s most recent fifth studio album, “IGOR”. The story of Tyler’s various romantic relationships is told in “IGOR.” The album follows a full circle of falling into and out of love from the second song to the last, with each song acting as a plot in this bitter, lifelong process. The brutality of the human mind regarding love is revealed in “New Magic Wand.” Although not given official credit, this song also features A$AP Rocky as a collaborator.

Lyrics Review Of New Magic Wand
Lyrics Review Of New Magic Wand

All across the album, Tyler also appears as the deformed as well as the hunchbacked character “Igor,” who frequently appears in Gothic horror films. Tyler, The Creator is responsible for writing, performing, recording, and producing this song, as well as the other songs on the album.


The Carmichael Show’s opening line is sampled in the song’s introduction. However, its origins can be traced to ancient proverbs, which suggest that sometimes closing down an existing opportunity as well as beginning opens up a new one.

Verse 1

The context of Tyler’s predicament is described in the first line of “New Magic Wand.” Tyler is having trouble maintaining his relationship with his partner. In such lyrics, the singer tells how jealous he feels when he sees a picture of his companion with a woman—possibly an ex-girlfriend. He seems to want her “out of the picture,” which has two meanings in this context: first, to get her out of the photo; second, to kill her.

The remark about his “green eyes” may be a metaphor for feelings of “jealousy” and “envy” to claim him exclusively as their own.


A$AP Rocky’s rendition of the refrain is an excellent continuation of the first verse. Lyrics that appear to be innocent actually have murderous intentions.

The “Magic Wand” tool in the well-known photo-editing program Adobe Photoshop draws attention to a specific picture area before changing things. In the first verse, Tyler states that the girl needs to be taken out of the picture. Consequently, using a magic wand tool would’ve been wise.

But a magic wand could also be a metaphor for a gun because the first verse implies that Tyler wants to “remove her out of the picture,” which would be slang for killing somebody else. He might need a new gun right now.

Verse 2

Tyler further sets up in the second verse of “New Magic Wand” that he requires his partner to be entirely his and that even a girl inside an old photograph can share him.

Tyler has previously discussed the “autism spectrum,” but the “spectrum” in question could also refer to the sexuality spectrum. Tyler might be trying to identify himself as a homosexual.

She is also described as “dead” or even “evaporated” in the third verse and the bridge, highlighting the extent of Tyler’s internalized enmity.

Verse 4

More information on the complex feelings associated with jealousy, envy, as well as love is provided in the fourth and final verse. Tyler tries to explain to us that his green eyes are his natural colors and not his ability to reflect these emotions.

Tyler also brings up Janis Joplin, a renowned singer famous in the 1960s for her ferocious folk-rock, psychedelia, as well as blues music. She is famous for expressing all of her feelings in her songs.

The final two lines of the fourth verse, in which Tyler talks about a break-in as well as “getting the job done,” are pretty ominous. Tyler does not wish to hide his identity by donning a face mask. It should be noted. Perhaps he believes that he has a 100% right to this life.

  • New Magic Wand meaning

Tyler, The Creator has some intriguing lyrics. Throughout his career, Tyler has frequently served as the controversy’s face. Early on, his homophobic rhymes were offensive, but he would later make sexual allusions to himself. In his 2019 follow-up song, IGOR, he references his 2017 Grammy-nominated album Flower Boy, which featured an opening about sexuality. Tyler appears to be attempting to sort out his relationship in the song “New Magic Wand.”

New Magic Wand Meaning
New Magic Wand Meaning

Tyler, the Creator affirms a relationship, and at least the willingness of a relationship, with some other male in the above said lyrical excerpt. Like Flower Boy, he does this without explicitly “coming out,” but in the second verse, he also makes fun of the listeners by saying, “My brother said I’m on the spectrum.” No, his brother wasn’t making a direct reference to the alleged sexual spectrum as well as sexual fluidity. Still, given the context of the developing love story, the rapper seems to be going beyond the pale. The plot of that story is pretty straightforward: Tyler wants to have this man to himself, but a woman is involved—his partner’s girlfriend.

Although “New Magic Wand” is somewhat ambiguous, Tyler, the Creator appears to be making amends for sexuality in all of its complexity. In the procedure, he also demonstrates that sexuality is far from “cut and dry.” He wants a committed relationship, but a woman gets in the way because “she’s not evolved like we are.” Tyler declares, “She’s going to be dead, I just got a magic wand / We can finally be together,” as he prepares to kill her with his “magic wand,” most likely a gun. Although he makes a completely absurd claim, his or an LGBTQ+ person’s desire for an open, honest relationship is not unreasonable.

  • Metrics for the New Magic Wand’s chords and melody

The sophistication of the chords as well as melody through New Magic Wand are comparable to that of a typical song; however, it receives below-average ratings in the categories of chord complexity, melodic complexity, and chord-melody tension, as well as the novelty of the chord.

Metrics For The New Magic Wand Chords And Melody
Metrics For The New Magic Wand Chords And Melody

The key for New Magic Wand is F Phrygian. The F Phrygian scale is comparable to the F Minor scale, except its second note (G) is a one-half step lower, based on the Theorytab database. The significant chord derived from this second scale degree (G major), which provides the key its unique sound, is frequently used in Phrygian chord changes. 

  • Tyler, The Creator performances New Magic Wand at the 2020 GRAMMYs

Fans of Tyler, The Creator, the founder of Odd Future, are accustomed to anticipating the unexpected from his performances, as well as his appearance, and during the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards did not disappoint.

Tyler The Creator Performances New Magic Wand At The 2020 Grammys
Tyler The Creator Performances New Magic Wand At The 2020 Grammys

The California native lit up the stage with his unmatched energy while performing “NEW MAGIC WAND” as well as “EARFQUAKE” from his Best Rap Album-winning (he won the award later in the show) hit IGOR. The rapper/producer looked hot in a pink and magenta color-blocked suit as well as his trademark bowl-cut blonde wig, which moshing impersonators also sported during the energetic and eye-catching performance.

The show ends with Tyler magically disappearing, plunging backward into the ground, and the small town-style set catches fire. 

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