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Welcome to our brand family & DLS Trading Services Pte. Ltd. We make all content, tools, as well as services on this webpage obtainable to you, the user, with the understanding that your use of this website is subject to all agreements, terms, conditions, policies, as well as notices stated here.

By attempting to access or purchase from us, you have been using our “Service” and have also accepted the conditions set forth below (“Terms of Service” or “Terms of Service”) as well as all additional terms, circumstances, & policies that are referred to here rather than made accessible by hyperlink. All users of the website, including all guests, clients, distributers, business owners, & content creators, are subject to these Conditions of Service.

Once using it or accessing our webpage, please take a moment to carefully learned these Terms of Service. You acknowledge that these Terms of Service bind you by trying to access or utilize any part of the website. If you do not concur to all of the terms and of this agreement, individuals are not allowed to use any assistance or visit the site. If such Terms of Service are an agreement, acceptance is restricted as specified therein.

Any extra features and tools that are chosen to be added to a current store are also subject to the Terms of Service. The most current edition of the aspects of using it is also available to read on this official site. By publishing updates or making modifications to our official site, we expect to break, modify, or easily replace each of the the above Terms of Service. You must periodically verify this site for updates. Your continued use or direct connection with the inclusion of any past revisions requires your acceptance of these terms.

Section 1 – Online Store Terms

You attest that you are at least the legal age of most in your province or state of residence by signing these Terms of Service, or you are of legal age in your area or state of home and also have permitted us to permit any one of your minimal dependents to utilize this page.

You are not permitted to use our products for any inappropriate or illegal activity, and you are not permitted to use the Service in a manner that violates local laws. Any viruses, as well as destructive codes, must not be transmitted. Your Service would be immediately terminated for any successive violations of such Terms.

Section 2 – Terms and Conditions of Use

Everytime and regardless of the purpose, we retain the option to deny service to anybody else. You understand that your material may be transferred over a variety of networks and may change in order to satisfy the technical requirements of any connecting hardware or software. Whenever credit or debit card data is transferred over a system, it is frequently encrypted.

You acknowledge that you will not use any part of the Service, use, access or any other contact information on the website where the Service is provided for commercial purposes first without with our express written permission. The headings in this Agreement are only included for your comfort and do not way affect these Terms.

Section 3 – Accuracy, comprehensiveness, and timeliness of the information

If any content on this website is not true, whole, or up to date, we will not be held liable. The data on this webpage is offered solely for reference purposes.

They must not be resorted upon or made the sole ground for judgment without regard to main, extra trustworthy, extra full, or existing data source materials. You are using this website’s information wholly at your own risk. It’s possible that this website has specific historical data—information from the past, which is only supplied for your regard and isn’t always current.

Although we have the option to do so at any moment, we are not obligated to update the data on this page. You are aware that it must be your duty to visit the website for latest news.

Section 4. Services and Price Changes

Prices for our products are constantly in flux. Without warning, changes or terminations to the Service are always possible. The pricing may adjust, be permanently banned, or be cancelled if the Service is shifted. You and other parties won’t be able to hold us accountable.

Section 5. Items or Services

Some products or services offered on the website may be available online only. There may not be enough of these products or services to go around, so they can only be brought back or communicated in conformance with with us return policy. We have done everything we can to ensure that the colors, as well as images of our product lines that show up on the store’s website, are as possible. We cannot assure you that the color shown on your monitor screen will accurately represent that color.

We deposit the ability to impose restrictions on who may use and procure our facility, but we are not required to do so. On a specific instance basis, we may employ this right. The quantity of goods or services we provide is subject to change.

Anytime we choose, we deposit the right to discontinue selling a certain item. Any offers made on this website for any goods or services are invalid if prohibited. In addition, we do not warrant that any defect in the Service will be corrected or that the value of any goods, services, parts or other equipment you purchase or obtain will exceed expectations.

Additionally, we make no promises regarding the accuracy of the Service’s errors or the likelihood that any products, services, data, or other equipment you purchase or receive will exceed or meet your anticipations.

Section 6. Billing and account information accuracy

We may reject any request you place with all of us at our discretion. The purchase quantities of each order are subject to restriction or non – renewal at our absolute discretion. These restrictions include, but are not limited to, prohibiting orders from being placed through everything and within the same user’s account, with the same credit or debit card, or utilizing the same billing and delivery addresses. We may make an effort to inform you by phone, email, or even the billing address/number you provided when the order was placed if we need to change or cancel an order.

Orders that appear to have been positioned by resellers, buyers, or importers may be confined or forbidden at our professional judgment. For all items purchased at our store, you agree to do is provide current, complete, as well as accurate depiction as well as purchase information. You agree to promptly keep updating your record and other details, such as your email account, credit cards numbers, & date of manufacture, in order for us to complete your transactions as well as contact you when needed. To learn more, please verify our Returns Policy.

Section 7. Alternative Tools

You may well have access to resources from third parties that we don’t oversee, manage, or have any say over. You understand and acknowledge that we make these methods available “as is” as well as “as available” with no guarantees, assurances, or conditions of any sort. We are not responsible for something arising from or connected to your usage of totally optional third-party techniques.

Any additional tools that are made accessible through the website are solely optional and used at the user’s own risk. You are in charge of becoming acquainted with that and authorizing the conditions under which every relevant third-party provider makes of that kind tools at hand (s). In the long term, we might include extra features or services to the site. Any new features or programs are also governed by these conditions of use.

Section 8 – External Links

A few of the substance, products, and assistance readily accessible through our provider may contain materials from third parties. Links on this website that lead to websites run by third parties and not by us may take you there. We will not be held liable or responsible for checking the content’s validity or evaluating its accuracy, nor will we be held accountable for any materials, websites, products, and services belonging to third parties.

We rarely take responsibility for any harm rather than damages brought on by the purchase or use of goods, services, funds, content, as well as other transactions associated with almost any third-party websites. Please carefully review the third party’s guidelines and policies as well as make sure you are acquainted with them prior to engaging in any payment. Concerns, complaints, worries, or questions regarding goods purchased from third parties must be directed to them.

Section 9 – Comments, suggestions, as well as other user contributions

If you send definite specific submissions (such as contest entries) at our request, or even without our request, if you send innovative ideas, suggestions, proposals, or even other materials via email, postal mail, online, or another method (collectively, “comments”), you agree that we might use those comments in any way, in any format, at any time. This includes editing, copying, publishing, distributing, and translating them for use in other projects.

We are not now and shall never be required to (1) preserve the confidentiality of any remarks, (2) make amends for any comments alone, or (3) respond to any remarks. We may supervise, edit, as well as eliminate content that, in our absolute discretion, is offensive, making threats, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, and otherwise objectionable, or which violates any party’s copyrights or these Terms of Service, but we aren’t required to do so.

You certify that none of the rights of every third party—including copyright, trademark, privacy, personality, or even another proprietary as well as personal rights—will be infringed upon by your comments. You further concur that your remarks won’t contain any defamatory, illegal, abusive, or otherwise objectionable content, nor will they have any computer viruses or other malware that might somehow impair the service’s functionality or related websites.
You are not permitted to use a falsified email, imitate another person, or somehow mislead other users or us more about authorship of any comments. You alone are responsible for the veracity of any statements you make. Concerning any comments given by either you or another party, we simply deny all responsibility.

Section 10 – Individual Details

Our Privacy Policy applies to any private information that you submit through all the store.

Section 11 – Errors, Inaccuracies, And Omissions

On rare occasions, information on our website or in the Service could contain clerical or other errors, inaccuracies, as well as omissions that may connect to product details, pricing, special offers, promotions, shipping costs, transit times, as well as accessibility. Without advance notification, we reserve the right to modify or update data, cancel orders, and/or correct any errors, inaccuracies, as well as omissions in any part of the Service or any related site.

Except as stipulated by law, we do not commit to update, modify, or clarify any data in the Service or any associated website, also without limitation pricing data. It should not be assumed that because there is no explicit update as well as refresh date applicable inside the Service or any pertinent website, all data there has changed or been updated.

Section 12 – Prohibited Uses

In addition to other limitations outlined in the service agreement, you have been prohibited from utilizing the web page and its content:

(a) for any illegal reason
(b) to encourage others to commit or take part in any illegal acts;
(c) to disobey any local, regional, national, as well as international laws, rules, but instead regulations;
(d) to violate as well as violate whether with us own or the intellectual property of others;
(e) to pester, abuse, offend, damage, slander, disparage, demoralize, or practice discrimination based on disability, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, religion, ethnicity, race, as well as ethnicity;
(f) submitting inaccurate or deceptive information;
(g) to upload as well as transmit malicious software, including viruses, that will or might be used to interfere with how the Service works or how relevant sites, other sites, or the Internet operate;
(h) to collect or keep track of another person’s private information;
(i) scraping, crawling, pharming, spamming, or phishing;
(j) for any derogatory as well as improper purpose;
(k) to tamper with or get around the security safeguards put in place by the Service, any associated website, both these websites, or even the Internet. For violating any of our forbidden uses, we retain the right to stop you from using the Service and any related website.

Section 13 – Intellectual Property Rights

Copyright. and its content suppliers own the graphic as well as textual text, agreement, and sub-assemblies of this website, which U.S. and international copyrights protect. Users are welcome to use this webpage as an asset for shopping. However, any other website user, such as copying, editing, translating, republishing, transmitting, displaying, or performing any material on this webpage is strictly prohibited. Additionally, the software utilized on this webpage is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and is the property of or even its software suppliers.

Trademarks.  The term “Tyler The Creator Merch” as well as all associated graphics, logos, product names, as well as service names on are trademarks of Tyler The Creator Merch Global. It is forbidden to employ these trademarks in any way that could lead to consumer confusion or even disparages, discredits, or lessens Tyler The Creator Merch’s reputation or goodwill. Any other trademarks that Tyler The Creator Merch Global doesn’t own that are used on this webpage are the property of those owners. Without prior written consent, you are not permitted to utilize any of these trademarks, trade dress, as well as trade names.

Ownership and Use. Unless otherwise stated in such Terms of Service, Tyler The Creator Merch will continue to be the intellectual property rights owner. You aren’t permitted to acquire any rights therein. Inside the normal process of your usage of the Website, you shall not be permitted to use, copy, display, perform, distribute, have distributed, transmit, as well as create derivative works from any materials as well as content on the Website. Other than as provided by law, you could not utilize any of the property rights of a third party without the relevant party’s written consent.

DMCA Copyright Policy and Copyright Agent. The users of Tyler The Creator Merch are supposed to respect the privileges of others’ property rights similarly. Please contact our copyright agent at [email protected] if you believe the website or one of its users has violated someone else’s intellectual property. Comprise the following details::
1. The person approved to act on behalf of an intellectual property rights owner must sign the document physically or electronically.
2. A description of the allegedly violated intellectual property.
3. A thorough description of the allegedly unlawful content you are alleging, along with the URL at which it can be found, will help us find it.
4. Your home address, contact information, and email address.
5. A declaration from you stating that you sincerely believe the allegedly illegal use is not sanctioned by the owner of the rights to intellectual property, its agent, or even the law.
6. A declaration from you that the data above is accurate and that you have the owner’s permission to act on their behalf, made under oath or penalty of perjury.

Section 14 – Disclaimer Of Warranties; Limitation Of Liability

Your use of our provider will not be unabated, timely, secure, as well as error-free, and we do not promise, represent, as well as warrant that it will be. We do not guarantee the accuracy or dependability of any results attained through the service. You acknowledge that we reserve the right to discontinue the service at any time, without prior notice, or even remove it altogether. You explicitly believe that the service is used at your own risk, whether you can use it or not.

Except where stated explicitly by us, the provider and all products and services supplied to you via the service are supplied “as is” as well as “as available” for you to use, free from any implicit or explicit representations, warranties, as well as conditions, also without limitation any implied terms or conditions of merchantability, merchantable quality, fitness for a specific purpose, sturdiness, title, as well as non-infringement.

Our liability shall be restricted to the greatest extent allowed by law in those states as well as jurisdictions that do not enable the isolation or the limitation of responsibility for incidental or consequential harm.

Section 15 – Indemnification

You consent to hold innocuous DLS Trading Services Pte. Ltd and our brands, as well as our parent company, subsidiary companies, affiliates, partner organizations, officers, executives, agents, construction companies, partner companies, providers, sub – contractors, distributors, trainees, and staff, from any claim as well as demand made by a third event due to somebody or resulting from your infractions of such Terms of Service, including reasonable legal costs or the legal agreements they incorporate besides reference.

Section 16 – Severability

The validity, as well as enforceability of all other provisions of these of Service, shall not be impacted if every provision of these Terms of Service is found to be illegal, void, or impossible to enforce; rather, such section stipulates be actionable to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law, with the impossible to enforce portion is deemed to be removed from such Terms of Service.

Section 17 – Termination

The dismissal of this contract shall not affect the parties’ liabilities and obligations incurred before the closing date. The said Terms of Service are in effect up until either terminated by either yourself or us. You may end of that kind Terms of Service anywhere at time by notifying us that you do not longer wish to be using our Services or through ceasing for using our webpage.

We may also end this contract without notice if, in our sole judgment, you violate any term as well as these Terms of Service. You will nonetheless be liable for all payments due up to the closing date if this happens. And as a consequence, we have the power to stop you from being used our services.

Section 18 – Entire Agreement

Whatever right or clause in such Terms of Service in which we do not uphold or make use of doesn’t imply a waiver of such rights or clauses. Such Terms of Service, along with any policies and concepts typically posted on just this webpage or regarding The Service, that also govern your utilization of the Service, surpass all prior or current agreements, communication systems as well as propositions, whether written or oral between you and we have made. Any confusions in the interpretation of the these Terms of Service may not be used to the detriment of the group who drawn up them.

Section 19 – A change to a Terms of Service

Here on website, a most latest Terms of Service are always accessible. We intend to change, adjust, or eventually replace any of the above Terms of Service anywhere at time by releasing notifications as well as adjustments to our webpage. For notifications, you should frequently check our website. You are deemed to have accepted any modifications to the Conditions of Service if you continue to use our webpage as well as the Service after they have been posted.

Section 20 – Contact Information

Please contact us at [email protected] with any queries regarding the Terms of Service.