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The best Tyler The Creator songs

Tyler has made significant progress in terms of his musical development. He began as a fierce rapper who avoided using coarse language. Some may say that his tracks indicate an air of opulence as well as luxury because they have more experimental manufacturing and smoother vocals than recent songs. There are top-notch tracks on Tyler’s older and newer albums, depending on which era of his music you prefer.

We thought we’d share our list of the best Tyler The Creator songs to honor his musical career and the success of his most recent album.

1. New Magic Wand

Tyler has frequently stated that his favorite album in his complete discography is “NEW MAGIC WAND.” This best Tyler The Creator song only makes sense that this outstanding IGOR track should take the top spot since it is also our favorite track by him.

New Magic Wand
New Magic Wand

In this song, Tyler is trying to end a romance between his lover and their ex-girlfriend. His pleas are accompanied by intense, intense buzzing noises and snares, and he attempts to convince his lover not to leave him. Before being thrust back into Tyler’s emotional whirlwind, the bridge slows a little bit.

2. Yonkers

The lead single from Tyler’s 2011 debut album Goblin, “Yonkers,” serves as a thesis statement about his artistic persona. We felt it was appropriate to place it well on our list.

The title and fast beat both allude to and parody New York rap music. While the lyrics of this track can be contentious, they also explore Tyler’s other 2 personas: Golf Wang, Tyler, Left Brain, as well as Julian Berman’s photography website, and Wolf Haley, Tyler’s name for the directing credit facilities on his music clips. The song even includes a conversation between Tyler as well as Wolf Haley, who Tyler refers to as the “wild” side of himself.

3. A Boy Is A Gun

One of Tyler’s greatest profound and significant songs to date, “A BOY IS A GUN*” is graceful, heavy, as well as filled with lofty emotions. Even though it is only 3 min and thirty seconds long, it doesn’t even feel like a song.

A BOY IS A GUNlyrics, *’s which are accurate to the song’s title, describe Tyler and a male partner’s complex fling. Tyler initially expresses his desire for the man, and the relationship ends with the guy selecting his ex over Tyler. Despite his ongoing obsession with the man, Tyler tries to learn to keep his distance from him.

4. Smuckers (Feat. Lil Wayne & Kanye West)

This best Tyler The Creator song gained a lot of hype inside the hip-hop community as shortly as the tracklist for Cherry Bomb was made public. Tyler had previously collaborated on projects with Lil Wayne and Kanye West, but never all three of them together. Fortunately, this song was deemed a banger, and Tyler showed he could compete with two rap legends.


This song covers a lot of ground thematically. It only briefly mentions issues like wealth, fame, authenticity, as well as insanity. This song has a triumphant feel, thanks to the lovely piano solo at the beginning and the fading horns. Listening to “SMUCKERS,” you get the impression that his career will only go up, just like Tyler on his trampoline.

5. 911/Mr. Lonely

This best Tyler The Creator song is a second double song that appears as Flower Boy’s track number 10, also includes Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy, A$AP Rocky, ScHoolboy Q, as well as Anna of the North. Tyler serves in a fictitious capacity as a 911 operator. Symbolically, it implies that he is there to hear other people’s problems but that no one wants to listen to him.

Although the song’s first half is happier, the lyrics are depressing. Much more depressing songs are present in the second half, which also has a more tense as well as snare-heavy beat. An equal amount of relaxation as well as adrenaline is current.

6. Wusyaname

You will undoubtedly be reminded of the timeless pop songs from the early 2000s by this CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST hit. Tyler tries to seduce a woman, and although he knows she is already in a committed relationship in “WUSYANAME,” which also features Ty Dolla $ign, Youngboy Never Broke Again, as well as continued participation from DJ Drama.

This song’s lyrics offer a lot to consider. Many people are perplexed as to why Tyler tries to tell the girl that she appears undernourished, but Tyler clarified in a tweet that he is using “the worst pickup line ever.” 

7. Sweet/I Thought You Wanted To Dance

It’s a 2 parts song from Tyler’s album CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST that explores his crush on a girl and her conflicted emotions about their relationship. 

Sweet I Thought You Wanted To Dance
Sweet I Thought You Wanted To Dance

Since Tyler, the Creator’s debut playlist, BASTARD, two songs have appeared on every tenth track of his discography. It’s a double song that continues that trend. Tyler published a teaser on June 14, 2021, which featured the start of this singing. The video, titled “Side Street,” featured Taco from Odd Future as well as actress Helena Howard.

8. Earfquake

“EARFQUAKE,” some other love song by Tyler, is the most financially viable track off IGOR. “EARFQUAKE,” a bittersweet song about a lover Tyler tends to depend on notwithstanding the not trying to treat them well, features a partnership from Playboi Carti. Tyler’s pain is concealed by cheery melodies as well as distorted drums inside this song, but an explosive chorus will ensure that the lyrics stick throughout your head.

A classic music video for “EARFQUAKE” also features Tyler performing on a tv series for the eccentric Pearl Edwards while wearing a blonde wig. During successive IGOR showings, Tyler would wear the blonde wig.

9. IFHY (feat. Pharrell)

“IFHY” explores the rough as well as angry feelings connected to unrequited or troubled love with stunning, heavy instrumentals.

IFHY demonstrates Tyler’s mastery of music making as the song begins rough as well as techno-heavy. In the middle, Pharrell and Tyler make endearing suggestions about how the couple can mend their relationship.

10. See You Again (feat. Kali Uchis)

The vocals on this ethereal song are provided by Kali Uchis, who was also on Tyler’s previous album, Cherry Bomb.

See You Again
See You Again

Tyler claims his favorite track from Flower Boy is “See You Again.” Tyler’s transformation into a more fluid, graceful sound began with “See You Again” and continued throughout the entirety of Flower Boy. Many people think Tyler first came out with bisexual on Flower Boy because of the song “Garden Shed’s” lyrics as well as the album’s more effeminate tones, which seem to indicate Tyler is finally coming into his own.