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The 5 most anticipated Tyler The Creator concert list

Tyler, the American rapper, as well as record producer Gregory Okonma, more commonly known by his stage name Tyler, The Creator, hails from California. Below is the five most anticipated Tyler The Creator concert list you can not miss out on. 

Tyler The Creator concert list – Call Me If You Get Lost Tour (2022)

Tyler, The Creator has announced a Spring 2022 North American tour to Teezo Touchdown, Kali Uchis, as well as Vince Staples. His highly lauded album CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, which also debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts on such release, along with a trio of sold-out, underplay shows in Los Angeles, Dallas, as well as New York City the week after the album’s release, a broadcast performance this year’s BET Awards, as well as a headlining performance at Lollapalooza 2021, that everything follows the announcement. Tyler will perform in 34 arena shows during this time.

Tyler emerged from the stage floor and began rapping while riding in a 1930s Rolls Royce. The video switched to a vast mansion even as the song was coming to an end, then was lifted up to reveal a complete reproduction of the same house that was built on stage, complete with staircases and a decor that Tyler started moving through it as he made the transition into a brilliant performance of “CORSO,” accompanied by “LEMONHEAD” as well as “HOT WIND BLOWS.”

Call Me If You Get Lost Tour
Call Me If You Get Lost Tour

The music stopped as Tyler started speaking to the crowd. He discussed issues related to his asthma as well as how he had hoped the audience would be more laid-back so he would not have to use as much of his voice. The audience cheered even louder as a result, and Tyler promised to try his best to keep up by singing “LUMBERJACK” as well as “MASSA” afterward.

The last and most impressive aspect of Tyler’s performance came to light with the transition into “WUSYANAME,” as a speedboat had now taken up residence in the space between the two stages, as well as Tyler performed whilst also riding atop of it as he made his way to the smaller stage, which was now covered in high grass.

Tyler performed a few songs from his 2017 song “Flower Boy” while on the second stage. Some of the greatest bits of the show occurred during the three-song run of “Boredom,” “911”, as well as “See You Again,” as there was a strong connection among Tyler as well as the audience during call-and-response segments and times when the crowd was singing along.

After that, Tyler addressed the audience again, asking them to sing along to the upcoming songs so he could catch his breath. He then introduced a medley of older songs, including “Goblin” from 2011; “Wolf” from 2013; and “Cherry Bomb” from 2015, all of which were well-received by the audience. 

Before heading to the main stage for the show’s concluding act, Tyler boarded his ship once more for a stirring rendition of “I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE.”

An explosive “Who Dat Boy” performance was used to rev up the crowd’s enthusiasm before another three-track run, the above time from 2019’s “IGOR.” The incredible rendition of “NEW MAGIC WAND” was the evening’s loudest and most aggressive performance.

As the show ended, Tyler thanked the audience and yelled out all the earlier performers before concluding with the upbeat song “RUNITUP.” 

Igor Tour (2019)

The never side of the performer who came to life to his highly lauded sixth studio album with the same name, “IGOR,” performed on stage alongside “Tyler” as his superego.

Even though many of the audience members were strangers to one another, the excitement and jitters that had been present outside the arena were maintained inside the arena throughout the performance as well. This, along with the showings, contributed to how memorable the live performance was for numerous people.

The Washington, D.C., rap artist Goldlink gave a brief 30-minute having opened performance before playing hit songs like “Crew” and other well-known songs such as Trippie Redd’s “Dark Night Dummo.” He had a ferocious stage presence that was sure to energize everyone quickly.

Tyler the Creator Governors Ball 2019
Tyler the Creator Governors Ball 2019

Jaden Smith’s opening performance followed, and it lasted for about an hour. Smith conducted “hype” songs like “ICON” as well as mellower, more melancholy music like “Summertime in Paris.” Smith’s famous skit in which he figuratively shaves his face on stage before starting the second verse of his song “K” is also a must-see.

The crowd erupted in screams as “IGOR’S THEME,” which is instantly recognizable and has a microwave-like hype, blared through arena’s speaker systems to signal the arrival of many people’s long-awaited moment. Even though Tyler, The Creator entered the stage composedly, he had something mysteriously exciting about his calm demeanor. Additionally, as soon as the beat dropped, excitement broke out in full force.

That evening, Tyler performed well-known songs from his previous albums as well as “Flower Boy” (2017), “WOLF” (2013), as well as “Goblin,” in addition to his latest recent one, “IGOR” (2011). Exceedingly well-known songs like “EARFQUAKE,” “See You Again,” “IFHY,” as well as the timeless “Yonkers” were among them.

Tyler’s showmanship was unmistakable throughout the venue, resonating in the walls and in the bodies of those who were attending as he performed eccentric light choreography and recognizable dance moves. Tyler’s enormous charisma and engagement with the audience captivated everyone, whether someone was in the front row or the farthest chair.

The conflict between the rugged and explicit Tyler and the heartfelt “IGOR” in Tyler, The Creator creates a weird experience that is nearly too ethereal to comprehend, almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. However, as evidenced by the engrossed audience at the American Airlines Arena, Tyler, The Creator’s creative thinking never fails to tempt fans. It’s simple to concur with the concert swag and declare that this was “the best concert of all time.”

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Flower Boy Tour (2017–2018)

Tyler’s ecstatic fans were captivated by Brown’s breathtaking production design for the “Flower Boy 2018 Tour” inside a forest resembling a cartoon, complete with trees, leaves, and light projections in the shape of flowers, thanks to lighting designer Max McDougall. His set, which included performance results of his older music from Wolf (2013) or Goblin, left day-one fans incredibly happy (2011).

This would take Gallagher Staging & Productions merely seven days to realize Tyler’s vision once it was ready for construction.

Tyler could walk and perform on a 20-foot custom tree overpass, four 30-foot custom foam sculptured trees, a custom outdoes ramp, as well as grass turf throughout the forest.

tyler the creator 02
tyler the creator 02

The up-stage ramp was constructed by Gallagher using our unique aluminum decking scheme. Additionally, we designed the custom set so it could be disassembled into ten ′ sections, making it simple to package and reducing the size for small clubs on tour.

For this tour, the staging, as well as scenery pieces, were put together under the direction of Rick Ortega of Gallagher Staging & Productions. In 2011, Ortega started his career by going on tour as a freelancer. Since then, he has begun working on tours with various artists, including Fall Out Boy, Backstreet Boys, Avenged Sevenfold, New Kids on the Block, and much more.

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Cherry Bomb Tour (2015)

The tour – an anticipated Tyler The Creator concert list, which got going in September, supports by ASAP. Most of the audience members were millennials, and at times they were dressed in full Coachella celebration attire. The smell of beer spills and British Columbia greens filled the arena. Smartphone users were snap chatting as well as recording each performance as it happened. And as soon as Tyler, The Creator took the stage. He requested that everyone set aside their smartphones. He commanded the yelling crowd, “Take your pictures now, even though I want everybody to jump up for this song.” Despite his courteous request, phones were not in use, especially since he began with the phrase “Deathcamp.”


The audience was enthralled by Tyler’s amazing high jumps and exhilarating dance moves, perhaps a little much at times as at least 2 fights were witnessed on the dance floor. Tyler once said, “Yo, I can give you some music to fight to if you want.” However, he managed to get the crowd to jump along with him throughout Jamba as well as IFHY, so it didn’t ruin his night.

Wolf Tour (2013)

Tyler the Creator 2021 billboard pro
Tyler the Creator 2021 billboard pro

When it rains, it keeps pouring, as well as later. It seems like popular rap albums have been falling like rain. Tyler the Creator revealed the title of his third album, Wolf, just a few days after Drake revealed the name of his latest album, Nothing Was the Same. The title maintains the single-word, slightly menacing theme that his previous two albums, Goblin and B*stard, did. Tyler will set out on a two-month tour in March to promote his album and display his Golf Wang clothing line. The tour begins in Columbus, Ohio, travels to all the urban centers that touring artists visit, and concludes in Portland, Oregon.

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