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Tyler The Creator concert outfit Cherry Bomb

Tyler The Creator concert outfit is peak 2022 style

For each new project, Tyler always veers away from his signature look. It’s usually simple to identify the shift. He gradually changed from the skateboarding, streetwear kid who primarily wore loud graphic T-shirts as well as damaged Vans to the more formal appearance we see today. However, Tyler hasn’t entirely given up on his playful side along the way. He always dresses in vivid prints and colors but alters his style according to the project. Today, let’s look back at Tyler The Creator concert outfit.

1. A look at Tyler The Creator concert outfit evolution from his albums


To put it mildly, Tyler caused controversy when he first appeared on the scene. His obscene lyrics and the shocking visuals that accompanied his debut album instantaneously captivated some listeners. Others weren’t immediately keen to back the violent lyrics and roach-eating antics of the West Coast rapper. But the supporters who agreed from the start made sure to be heard, and Tyler, the Creator won the 2011 VMA for Best New Artist (the award was fan-voted).

A look at Tyler The Creator concert outfit evolution from his albums
A look at Tyler The Creator concert outfit evolution from his albums

Fans of Tyler will undoubtedly recall his acceptance speech even today. In the same manner, Tyler used to arrive to spend the day hanging out with his friends on Fairfax Avenue; he also did so for MTV’s venerable award show. To represent his Odd Future crew, he typically wore colorful graphic T-shirts with cats but rather doughnuts at the start of his career. He also typically wore a pair of plain jeans or cut-off shorts, white tube socks, as well as low-top Vans.

Naturally, apart from Supreme was also always included in the mix. Tyler wore camp caps, T-shirts, and hoodies with box logos. It’s been said before, yet Tyler’s significant co-sign throughout his come-up gave Supreme a boost and helped introduce it to an entirely new generation.


When Tyler’s second album Wolf was released in 2013, his wardrobe had not yet changed significantly. Still heavily skate-inspired. Tyler’s signature wardrobe element of brightly colored clothing was still present in it.

A look at Tyler The Creator concert outfit evolution from his albums wolf
A look at Tyler The Creator concert outfit evolution from his albums wolf

But by this time, Tyler’s streetwear branch Golf, which debuted in 2011, was given a little more attention. The rapper is sporting a striped Golf T-shirt, a strap-back cap with the Golf logo, shorts, and a battered pair of Vans Old Skools in this Tyler The Creator concert outfit. From 2013 to 2016, Tyler released several collaborations with Vans because he wore them so much. This attire became the standard for Tyler’s devoted fan base, who followed his every step and had developed a strong following.

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Cherry Bomb

Tyler’s style during the Cherry Bomb era gradually develops into a new aesthetic, much like the songs on the album. The striking patterns and hues are still present, but they’re on brand-new silhouettes other than the typical T-shirts as well as hoodies. He started wearing many rugby shirts and loudly printed vacation shirts. The flame print that was featured on Cherry Bomb’s cover was among the most memorable.

Tyler The Creator concert outfit Cherry Bomb
Tyler The Creator concert outfit Cherry Bomb

The blue pieces with orange and yellow flames on them have come to be recognized as a Golf signature item. Future collections from the brand would introduce items like puffer coats as well as shorts with the print. Tyler was still partial to controversial graphic t-shirts as well as bubblegum-colored Vans sneakers at this point. He had only recently added a new look to his repertoire.

Flower Boy

Tyler was already well-known when Flower Boy, his fourth album, was published in 2017. Despite this, critics arguably gave Tyler’s highest rating to that spot. Even a Grammy nominee for Best Rap Album came from it. On songs like “Who Dat Boy,” Tyler maintained his raucous and boisterous persona. Still, he also showed a more reflective and somber side of himself in songs like “Garden Shed” as well as “911/Mr. Lonely,” which were more accessible to general audiences.

Tyler The Creator concert outfit Flower Boy
Tyler The Creator concert outfit Flower Boy

Tyler’s style had advanced past his “Yonkers” days, and the same was true of his appearance. Floral prints took the place of neon polka dots. Wool vests were worn in place of hoodies. Tailored pants took the place of cutoff jean shorts. And more often than usual, worn-out Vans skate shoes were worn instead of penny loafers. The Golf brand also made significant advancements at this time by experimenting with more cut as well as sew items like sweaters, cardigans, as well as puffers.

If Cherry Bomb had been Tyler experimenting with a more responsible attitude, Flower Boy witnessed it emerge naturally. During this time, Tyler also announced a new footwear collaboration with Converse, which gave rise to the famous Golf Le Fleur line. The sub-label mainly offered remixes of the One Star made with unconventional materials like faux crocodile skin or quilted velour and a unique flower logo on the side panel. Tyler will eventually debut his initial silhouette in 2019, the Gianno, a chunky low top.

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The Igor era under Tyler might be the simplest to describe. This is a result of the musician’s decision to entirely embrace method acting for this album run. We saw Tyler dressing up in vivid, monochromatic suits, white Dr Martens 1461s, as well as a blonde wig that made him resemble Coconut Head from Ned’s Declassified whenever he was performing live, appearing in music videos, or engaging in any album promotion.

Tyler The Creator Igor
Tyler The Creator Igor

Even monuments of the Igor character were erected in different cities to advertise the undertaking. When he wasn’t acting, he was experimenting with the world of high-end clothing. The Gucci Tailoring advertising from 2020, featuring Tyler alongside his friend ASAP Rocky and punk rock icon Iggy Pop, is a prime example of Tyler’s development over the course of his career. Did anyone anticipate the young person riding a bike on Fairfax in 2011 would become the star of a major fashion house’s international campaign?

Igor’s unconventional fashion preference complemented the album’s sound, Tyler’s most exploratory work to date. This will undoubtedly go down as one Tyler’s most illustrious periods, given the accolades that Igor went on to win, including the Grammy for Best Rap Album in 2020.

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Call Me If You Get Lost

Ushanka hats are currently popular. In a way, we hope not. Tyler, however, can undoubtedly pull them off. Throughout the development of Call Me If You Get Lost, the furry Russian cap has remained a constant. Tyler’s wardrobe does already include the Ushanka, though.

He has worn one before, but the most notable instance was probably just on the red carpet of the 60th Grammy Awards in 2018. He wore a baby blue wool Supreme overcoat and a matching Louis Vuitton scarf with a white colorway of the winter hat. It was almost like a foreshadowing of Tyler’s more opulent vibe in the video clips released in the last few days, which have featured everything from vintage LV monogram trunks filled to the brim with clothing to vintage sports cars.

The wardrobe has also maintained its class. Brown pants, tasseled loafers, and sweater vests layered over white t-shirts are all present. Tyler’s menswear appears to be here to stay. We hope he waits a long time, considering how well the fits have been.

2. Inside Tyler, The Creator’s intriguing style evolution

Tyler was known for wearing bright colors with doodled Vans Old Skools when he first started as an artist. Tyler The Creator outfit was full of patterns, whether polka dots, checks, or stripes. The multi-media artist’s style demonstrates that he isn’t hesitant to express himself.

The Golf Wang Phase

The artist later began dabbling in fashion by launching his brand label, Golf Wang. For his die-hard supporters, the business evolved into a way of life that allowed them to outfit like Tyler. Tyler served as Golf Wang’s unofficial spokesperson for a while, and Golf Wang’s understanding of the impact Tyler had on his fans enabled him to develop the company’s brand into what it is today. He continues to wear Golf Wang, always has a “G” logo hat on, and always wears exclusive items that aren’t made available to the general public.

Post ‘Flower Boy’

In 2018, Tyler demonstrated a new aspect of himself. It appeared as though he transformed overnight to a more mature start figuring after the achievement of his album Flower Boy, switching from striking patterns and colors to a more refined yet fashionable streetwear appearance. Cropped pants and much more fashionable shoes would be seen as Tyler’s go-to outfit, making it one of the most well-liked choices among his fan base.

Post Flower Boy
Post Flower Boy

Till he revealed his most recent endeavor, IGOR, Tyler avoided speaking to the media. Once the album had been released, Tyler was prepared to emerge from hiding and conduct a press tour. I was delighted to notice his change in style. Tyler had advanced to a new level when he switched from loud T-shirts and crazy patterns to tailored blazers as well as sweater vests. Without a doubt, he keeps it casual by wearing polo shirts with sneakers. However, the way he was pulling off these looks was still far more sophisticated than anything we had previously seen from him.

Nothing lasts a lifetime, so there will undoubtedly be a change at this point in streetwear’s popularity among the general public. More formal shoes like loafers are replacing sneakers in the sneaker culture, blazers are replacing hoodies, and dressing in suits is once again fashionable. Tyler following this progression only reinforces the fact that this shift is taking place.