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62nd Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet

The best Tyler The Creator costume

Since Tyler, The Creator wore that heather grayish Supreme box emblem hoodie on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for his debut live TV performance, his status as a fashion icon has been cemented.

Unlike many of his rap contemporaries, Tyler never wore excessive amounts of high-end designer dresses. Instead, Tyler has largely remained true to his skate rat upbringing in the Fairfax area. Tyler still only really does need a hoodie, a T-shirt, a beanie, and a pair of skate shoes. If he ever cranks up the drip, it typically consists of apparel he’s designed for his label, Golf Wang. He has, however, also grown to enjoy more sartorial looks in recent years. He now frequently appears dressed in suit jackets, loafers, soft knits, and other sharp ensembles.

We compiled some of the rapper’s best performances throughout the years to commemorate the release of his most recent album, Call Me If You Get Lost. Look at how Tyler, the Creator’s clothing, has evolved from the erratic looks he wore during the Odd Future age to the avant-garde appears to look he wore during the Igor phase.

1. 62nd Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet (2020)

Tyler, The Creator showed up at the 62nd Grammy Awards wearing a suit that reminded people of Ralph Fiennes’ outfit from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Tyler wore a perfectly made Golf Le Fleur bellhop outfit, complete with a bag reminiscent of Louis Vuitton, white gloves, a buttoned blazer, and a bellboy cap, to enjoy his Grammy nominations for Igor. Tyler did open his bag to display his bejeweled Igor chain and the additional fit he had planned for later that night.

62nd Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet
62nd Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet

Tyler The Creator costume made a bold declaration when he did arrive on the red carpet, wearing a Louis Vuitton scarf with such a baby blue Supreme trenchcoat. He is wearing a pair of black chinos and a Golf Le Fleur t-shirt. He chose to wear some high-top Converse that also looked great. He added an Ushanka inside a soviet-style to complete the look as a finishing touch.

2. 62nd Annual Grammy Awards Win (2020)

Tyler, The Creator changed out of his Wes Anderson-inspired outfit for one more in keeping with his usual style after his album Igor did win the Grammy Award for “Best Rap Album” at the 62nd Grammy Awards. Tyler triumphed over Revenge of the Dreamers III by Dreamville, Championships by Meek Mill, I am > I was by 21 Savage, and The Lost Boy by YBN Cordae. To accept his award, Tyler invited his mother and good friend Jasper to the stage.

Tyler, however, criticized the Recording Academy in a news conference after winning it. “On the one hand, I’m just appreciative that what I created in a world like this could be recognized. But it also stinks that whenever we—and by we, I mean guys who look like me—do anything that crosses genres or does anything, they often classify it as Rap or Urban. “I don’t like the word ‘Urban. Simply using the n-word in front of me is the politically correct thing to do. Therefore, I think, “Why can’t we just be in Pop?”. Therefore, some thought the Rap nomination was a sly compliment.

3. The WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards (2019)

There are never enough images of Tyler The Creator costume and ASAP Rocky around each other. Tyler and Rocky always look sharp at events together, and their bromance has grown since they went on tour in 2015. At the 2019 WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards, both wore incredibly stylish outfits. Rocky showed up dressed in a suit, jeans that had been subtly waxed, Rick Owens sneakers, as well as Port Tanger sunglasses.

The WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards

While Tyler opted to wear a Noah suit with Hender Scheme x Dr. Martens derby shoes, mix an ushanka and match with sunglasses, and a pink Louis Vuitton bag. Rocky chose Tyler as the recipient of the WSJ Music Innovator Award in the end. Rocky jokingly said, “It’s a privilege to present this prize to my closest buddy today, but little do y’all realize I hate that motherfucker.” He said that when they first started in the rap game, they initially fought but later became good friends. People are unaware that when we first entered the rap industry, neither of our crews liked the other. However, since I’m involved in hip-hop, I only now recognize my real, live family and friends.

4. The British Fashion Awards (2019)

Anyone who enjoys the “Potato Salad” video clip knows Tyler, the Creator’s attractive appearance in a nice varsity coat. He showed up in a green GOLF le FLEUR x Lacoste varsity coat and green Dr. Martens x United Arrows loafers whenever he was asked to award the Urban Luxe Award to Rihanna at British Fashion Awards in 2019.

At the British Fashion Awards, Tyler The Creator stylishly gave Rhianna the Urban Luxe Award. He was sporting a Golf Le Fleur x Lacoste varsity jacket that he designed, along with a knit sweater and an ornate Igor chain.

5. LACMA Art + Film Gala (2019)

LACMA Art + Film Gala

Tyler, The Creator is a huge fan of Gucci. Remember Tyler’s appearance in an advertisement for the company alongside ASAP Rocky and Iggy Pop. Therefore, it stands to reason that he will look good wearing it. Here’s yet another excellent illustration of a casual Tyler outfit. The orange V-neck Gucci sweater that is the focal point of this outfit is surrounded by a pair of khaki shorts and a bucket hat. Long white socks and a pair of Dr. Martens Derby shoes complete this elegant ensemble.

6. MTVU Woodie Awards (2011)

Tyler mentions being so connected to Supreme in his 2010 song “Orange Juice,” where he received “Box Logo hoodies and goodies, from best mates that comprehend that Bastard was buzzing such as Woody, so we get this for free.” But it’s crucial to realize that Tyler’s devotion to the brand was genuine and unaffected by marketing hype. He said that the only reason he came across Supreme was that it was one of the only skateboard stores in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles.

Without Tyler The Creator costume, it’s hard to imagine where Supreme would be right now. And it’s even more challenging to imagine someone tie-dying a hoodie with the “Kaws” box logo from 2011, similar to the only one Tyler wore to an MTVU Woodie Awards show that same year. When you decide to resell it 6 months later, an ambitious effort to tie-dye a rare Supreme box logo will only result in you roasted on Grailed, if you’re John Mayer.

7. VGX (Spike Video Game Awards) in 2013

We must establish this crucial fact to put this fantastic fit into context before moving on. Grand Theft Auto V had a crazy, crazy, fire soundtrack. This is because “GTA V” was the initial Grand Theft Auto game to include some of the wackiest artists working today, who created unique songs for the game’s radio channels. Who would have thought that Rockstar Games would allow us to destroy innocent bystanders while blowing unpublished Neon Indian or A$AP Rocky songs in Los Santos?

Tyler The Creator Outfits Vgx Awards
Tyler The Creator Outfits Vgx Awards

Despite the fact that the Spike Video Game Awards, which were renamed “VGX” in 2013, didn’t last another year, Tyler, the Creator’s live rendition of his “GTA V” exclusive banger, “Garbage,” has endured. Tyler dressed in a super baggy zoot suit to channel old-school mob style since the song is about a drug dealer who becomes a murderer.

8. 60th Annual Grammy Awards (2018)

Tyler realized he had to stand out on the red carpet when he received his first Grammy nomination for “Best Rap Album” in his profession. His selection for Grammy night perfectly summed up his development as a musician who hasn’t given up his eccentricity, much like his album Flower Boy. Tyler wore attire more akin to his skate rat days when he showed up on the red carpet: white Converse Chuck Taylors and a “Golf” t-shirt. However, a dapper look appropriate for the most incredible night in music is a Fall/Winter 2018 Supreme wool overcoat worn with a baby blue Louis Vuitton scarf. A white Ushanka from the Soviet era completes the comfortable fit as a statement piece.

9. “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch” Premiere (2018)

Tyler The Creator Outfits Grinch
Tyler The Creator Outfits Grinch

Tyler The Creator costume’s personal preferences can undoubtedly be credited for the success of his company, Golf Wang. He sports a vibrant floral puffer that looks like it belongs on grandma’s couch, which is offset by khaki pants and a bucket hat. The finishing touch is a leather Golf Wang clutch carried as a side bag.

10. Lollapalooza in 2018

Another daring Golf Wang outfit that fits Tyler’s fiery personality is shown here. This thermal copy of an atom bomb on a button-up tee is made entirely of heat.


By this point, you ought to have some ideas for Tyler The Creator costume-inspired outfits and a list of things you need to put in your shopping cart. His timeless yet distinctive style will suit anyone and add some class to your wardrobe, making him possibly the most in-demand musician right now.