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Tyler The Creator Tattoos

Tyler the Creator Flower Boy tattoo

American rapper & record producer Tyler the Creator is well known for his clever rap lyrics. The singer had a significant influence on the youth of a 2000s notwithstanding the backlash for using misogynistic and homophobic racial epithets in his lyrics in a few of his previous releases.

The musician is also well-known for his iconic tattoos on his body, sharing them on Instagram. He wants to make sure to get the names of all of his albums tattooed there. Tyler the Creator Flower Boy tattoo will be explored in this post.

  • Tyler the Creator Flower Boy tattoo – The rapper shares the secret tattoo ‘Flower Boy’ to memorialize it

On July 21, Tyler’s fourth album would have turned one year old. The rapper shared a collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the album’s making to celebrate. The ironic musician revealed that over the past two years of album recording and promotion, he had covertly maintained the Instagram account @scumfuckflowerboy.

The covert Instagram account documents intimate moments from Tyler’s life as he worked on Flower Boy, like the tattoo he got to commemorate it along with the titles of his three prior albums, as well as never-before-seen footage of the album’s order to prepare, from recordings to artwork revelations.

The Rapper Shares The Secret Tattoo Flower Boy
The Rapper Shares The Secret Tattoo Flower Boy

Fans can see Tyler’s thorough work creating drums from scratch and the beats for songs like “Who Dat Boy?” and “Boredom,” among other fascinating posts. Along with cameo appearances from collaborators like ASAP Rocky, Steve Lacy of The Internet, as well as singer Kali Uchis, this is, of course, the expected humor that never fails to make him laugh. He even discusses the responses he’s received to his throwaway viral songs like “Okra” and “Rose Tinted Cheeks” and gives a sneak peek at the stop-motion short film that made its debut on Viceland last year.

  • Tyler’s multiple inks 

Tyler’s Inhaler Guardian Angle Tattoo

Tyler, who has suffered from asthma since becoming a young child, had the skillful Matt McCormick ink a tattoo on his left leg. For Tyler, the inhaler ink represents strength because he frequently uses it to support his illness while performing.

Tyler’s tattoos on his thighs

The name of the clothing manufacturer Tyler founded in 2011 is referenced by tattoos of the word “Golf Wang” on both of his thighs. The phrase was deduced from Wolf Gang, a slang expression that commonly served as a reference point in Tyler’s popular music.

Tyler Tattoos On His Thighs
Tyler Tattoos On His Thighs

On the upper side of his right upper thigh, a small dog has been inked there as well. Additionally, the logo of the N.E.R.D band’s most well-known song, “Brain,” is inked on his right thigh.

N.E.R.D., which stands for No-one Ever Really Dies, is a rock and hip-hop group that includes Pharrell Williams. The Virginia Beach, Virginia-based band, which was founded in 1999, had a profound impact on Tyler’s life.

Tyler’s favorite albums inspire his tattoos

The rapper also has citations to the titles of his albums tattooed on his thighs. BASTARD, GOBLIN, and WOLF appear in flashes across the tops of his thighs. His well-liked albums were published in 2009, 2011, as well as 2013, respectively.

With later versions, he added three so much names to the list: Cherry Bomb, Floer Boy, and Igor, each of which was published in 2015, 2017 and 2019, including both. The word “Radical” is permanently inked on Tyler’s right inner arm.

  • Tyler’s 8 tattoos & their meanings

Guardian Angel Inhaler Tattoo

Tattoo: Tyler has a tattoo on his left thigh that features an inhaler with wings.

Meaning: Tyler has asthma, and this tattoo represents his inhaler, which helps him when he is in distress. His life support is an inhaler with angel wings because angels are known to symbolize good fortune and life savers. Matt McCormick, a tattoo artist, gave him this ink.


Tattoo: The term is tattooed from across top of each one of Tyler’s thighs and is readable as “GOLF WANG.”

Tyler Golf Wang Tattoo
Tyler Golf Wang Tattoo

Meaning: Tyler established a clothing business in 2011 under Golf Wang. The name “Golf Wang” was inspired by the phrase “Wolf Gang,” and that has been a portion of Tyler’s popular music.

Album Names on Thigh

Tattoo: On the top part of his left thigh, Tyler has tattoos that read BASTARD, GOBLIN, as well as WOLF, the titles of his albums that were published in 2009, 2011, & 2013. He later added three more names to the list with subsequent releases, CHERRY BOMB, FLOWER BOY, and IGOR, all made available in 2015, 2017, and 2019.

Cherry Bomb Tattoo

Tattoo: Tyler has a tattoo of the face of cherry bomb directly above the titles of his albums.

Meaning: Cherry Bomb, Tyler’s 3th album, was released on April 13, 2015, by Odd Future Records.

N.E.R.D Brain Tattoo

Tattoo: He has a logo tattoo for the N.E.R.D band’s hit song, “Brain,” on his right thigh.

Meaning: No-one Ever Really Dies, a rock and hip-hop group that was founded in Virginia Beach in 1999, goes by the backronym N.E.R.D. Tyler got this tattoo to recognize his love for the band N.E.R.D.

Golf le fleur Tattoo

Tattoo: He has a small tattoo of Golf Le Fleur on his left knee.

Tyler Golf Le Fleur Tattoo
Tyler Golf Le Fleur Tattoo

Meaning: Golf le Fleur is the name of the collaboration between Tyler, the Creator as well as Converse. Golf Le Fleur was the new name for Tyler’s 4th studio album, Flower Boy, which Columbia Records released on July 21, 2017.

Golf Wang 2011 Tattoo

Tattoo: The inside of his left bicep, Tyler already has a tattoo that is connected to his Golf Wang company. It also has 2011, the year the company was founded, inked on it.

Igor Tattoo

Tattoo: He has a tattoo of a faceless man wearing glasses on the top left of his left thigh.

Tyler Igor Tattoo
Tyler Igor Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo style, known as the Igor faceless design, is featured on his clothing line.

  • 3 hip-hop tattoo designs that will amaze you

Some musicians commonly use their tattoos as just an excuse to restrict their possibilities for fulfilling jobs, forcing them to focus solely on their musical pursuits. As a result, hip-hop culture has become more prevalent and tattoos have increased in popularity. Check out a few important and intriguing hip-hop tattoo concepts.

Graffiti Street Art Hip Hop Calf Tattoo

Graffiti-style lettering, as well as images, are frequently linked to street art, but they can also make fantastic tattoos that anyone can show off. Graffiti tattoos are a popular form of body art, and they’re a good way to express your unique personality. The best body art for you might be cool street art tattoos to lettering that looks like spray paint as well as bubbly patterns. Hip-hop tattoos also can integrate similar technologies because it is illegal to paint graffiti on public property in some countries, which adds to the appeal and fascination of this tattoo style.

The newest trend is graffiti tattoos, and both sexes are keen to get these purportedly defaced images on their bodies. Hip-hop is not dead is depicted in hollow lettering patterns in this outrageous tattoo on the calf. It has the utmost swag and style. Graffiti tattoo designs are primarily inspired by urban culture. These graffiti tattoos are, therefore, a means of inking these revolutionary concepts and ideas on your own body.

Tattoo of Slim Shady Hip Hop

Marshall Mathers, better known by his stage name Eminem, is regarded as a global hip-hop and music phenomenon. He has numerous tattoos, just like all the other wonderful rap artists. Each one holds a unique significance for him. Every tattoo he has makes a statement about his life, so many people are inspired to get tattoos after seeing them. Slim Shady represents Eminem’s dark and malicious side, and fans chant his profoundly moving lyrics during every performance or concert.

The most popular portraits among Eminem’s fans are those of himself. Eminem fans frequently have quotes from his songs or images of them inked on their bodies, as seen in this arm tattoo. Rapper Eminem from Detroit goes by the stage name Slim Shady. Slim Shady is a source of satisfaction for the majority of Eminem fans, and so this slogan tattoo beautifully captures the wearer’s love of hip-hop and music.

Upper Arm Tattoo Hip Hop Album Classics

Because music can pierce the soul, people want to honor their favorite albums with tattoos. Advertising as well as measurement services are used by music companies to improve the material of their marketing techniques and attract customers. These led to the creation of incredibly creative music album covers, some of which fans have also used as artistic tattoo illustrations.

This upper-arm sleeve tattoo depicts a true hip-hop fan’s love and devotion. The tattoo artist’s patience had also undoubtedly been tried by this intricate tattoo design, which features black ink in numerous hip-hop and rap classic album artwork. You won’t run into any issues if you get a tattoo that resembles an album cover, a logo, or anything else that could fall under a trademark. Legal issues only arise when you stand to gain financially from illegally exploiting a brand.

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