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Tyler The Creator Igor Songs

Tyler the Creator IGOR songs

His album IGOR was unveiled by Tyler the Creator. Tyler has cautioned fans not to “go into this expecting a rap album” because the musician is recognized for pushing the limits of rap in his lyrics, production, as well as album artwork. Here are some information about Tyler the Creator IGOR songs. 

Igor’s Theme

Igor Theme
Igor Theme

Igor’s theme – The main lyrical, as well as musical themes Tyler will riff on for the remainder of IGOR are established in a jumbled introduction. 


Lays the album’s emotional foundation. We comprehend Tyler’s need for this romantic interest. However, things among them are complicated right now. There is no honeymoon period here. Tyler worries that his love interest will reject him.

The word “obstacle” in Earfquake is used for the first time. She was wicked, just like Woah Vicky. The lack of closure that Tyler will grow increasingly frustrated with during the album’s first half is also introduced by Tyler. Some confirmation of your feelings would be helpful.

I Think

For real, this time is repeated several times in the opening of “Earquake.” This album features a lot of subtle progression of this nature, which is why I mentioned “theme” as well as “variation” up front. I THINK is comparable to how stories have such a main plot as well as supporting characters. 

I Think
I Think

These are the seeds of unhealthful dependence, even though they could be seen as innocuously romantic. The phrase “I’m your puppet, you are Jim Henson” stands out in particular. This passage receives little consideration. But before long, Tyler will have a whole song dedicated to explaining how disastrous the connection has been using the puppet metaphor. Unfortunately, he still needs to open his eyes as well as gain consciousness at this point on IGOR. Tyler can therefore recognize the puppet/master dynamic, but he is blind to how poisonous it is.


The main entry point Tyler provides for us. Boyfriend – The first part of IGOR can be summed up in this brief excerpt from an interview with Jerrod Carmichael. Tyler is giving everything he can for the man he adores. There is always an obstacle, concludes Carmichael’s statement. Unfortunately, Tyler faces several challenges.

Running Out Of Time

Tyler’s struggle with time is made clear by the song’s title and introduction. So far, we’ve seen Tyler try to figure out where to express his feelings after becoming aware of them. We have reached the stage where the intensity of feeling is unfulfilled. 

Tyler lists two additional challenges in addition to time: a “her” in the photo as well as the love interest hiding his identity by donning a mask or costume. Considering the context of the entire album, it’s most likely that the male love interest has concealed his true sexuality. He won’t commit to Tyler, so he’s living in a fantasy, won’t tell his mates about it, as well as keeps seeing this girl.

New Magic Wand

We’ll see that the central theme of “New Magic Wand” is Tyler’s resentment and his attempts to remove her from the picture. She is the woman the love interest continues to date. At first glance, the magic wand may appear to be a reference to the Photoshop editing software that aids in helping you choose particular portions of an image for editing. She screwed up my body. I have a new magic wand that can make her leave like magic.

Tyler advises the guy to pick between choosing Tyler or the girl because he is tired of being in a love triangle. However, Tyler will choose both of them if the man is still undecided, which suggests murder, which offers a different perspective on the repeatedly occurring “run” in the soundscape. Tyler’s riffed on the “Igor’s Theme” fragment “Runnin’, Runnin’, Runnin'” in the following tracks: 4, 5, and 6.

New Magic Wand
New Magic Wand

This is evident in the song’s final verse, where Tyler raps just before an alarm-like sound plays. One could argue that Igor is beginning to breathe because the burst of ego in this section is similar to “What’s Good.” Tyler isn’t doing well, whether Igor is around or not. When someone claims to be rational, they usually aren’t.

The song’s closing lines depict Tyler, his romantic interest in robbing a store, and the worried expression on the man’s face. One more moment, we hear “new magic wand,” and next song begins, “No, don’t shoot me down.” The transformation of the wand from the a digital editing software to a gun is complete.

A Boy Is A Gun

A Boy is a gun – In the second stanza, where Tyler explains a fight those who have, the back and forward between continues. You want to go home, I see. Cool, I will not be taking you home; you got ta call a cab, I’m brushing you off. But what takes place? Why is your ex here if you decided to invite me to breakfast? There’s the girl Tyler can’t seem to shake.

All of this culminates in the realization that you are a gun because I like having you by my side at all times, and you keep me safe, but you might also be dangerous to me. Tyler has finally decided to reject the man: I’m going to part ways as friends.


At the conclusion of Part 1, “A Boy Is A Gun, ” Tyler begins to regain his bearings,” realizing how destructive the dynamics of his relationships are. In light of this, let’s go back to one of his opening, seemingly innocent statements: “I’m your puppet, you’re Jim Henson.” He is now aware of the outcome of that relationship. I can’t control myself and wonder if it’s my free will or yours.

Tyler is clearly in puppet mode at the beginning of the song, ready to do anything. In that second line of “A Boy Is A Gun,” we observed a similar pivot. Tyler and the guy argue, reconcile, and then the girl creates a new rift. Seven lines total. Additionally, there was the bridge where Tyler initially romanticizes the man as a gun before realizing, “Wait…you could be dangerous.”

Tyler tries to regain control of himself for the remainder of the song. According to my theory, Kanye stands in for Tyler’s “conscience,” much like Jiminy Cricket did for Pinocchio. Kanye asks, “Did I wait too long?” as a result. In the chorus’s background. Then, in a mentor-like tone, he says to Tyler, “You lost, son, but you’ve been trying to find your way to me.” If not Jiminy Cricket, then at least some sort of grounded Kanye is Tyler, according to the song’s closing line by Carmichael, “But at some point, you come to your senses.”

What’s Good

On his album Yeezus, Kanye tells the tale of the character Yeezus, who uses his extreme ego as well as bravado to mask his true feelings of pain, longing, and vulnerability. The story’s plot is comparable to that of Adam Sandler’s Billy Madison in that either of the main characters begins as evil before eventually changing for the better. Yeezus is at his most egotistical, rebellious, as well as independent on tracks 1-4. However, tracks 5-8 demonstrate that he has actually experienced heartbreak, is pining for love, and only acts tough to hide his suffering. An event that Kanye talks about in the album’s final song, “Bound 2.”

What Good
What Good

The Ponderosa Twins Plus One’s “Bound” sample is used in “Bound 2.” The same example is used by Tyler in “A Boy Is A Gun.” Charlie Wilson, who Tyler featured on “Earfquake,” is also present in “Bound 2.”

A little bit of ego here, but there can be just what anyone needs to return to their feet. Far too much ego for too a while is a problem.

The egotistical outpouring, the full-fledged Igor persona that aids Tyler in purging himself of the sorrow and confusion that consumed him, is what we get on “What’s Good.” He regains the free will he had previously lost.

Gone, Gone / Thank You

I don’t know what’s more brutal, allowing go or simply being okay with it, says Carmichael in the closing lines of “What’s Good.” In Gone, Gone/Thank You, Tyler is seen thinking back on what transpired between him, the guy, as well as the girl. Unlike the first half of the album, which was centered on a disastrous romance, this half is not affected by it. Tyler begins the song by framing the connection in the past tense.

The entire of Tyler the Creator IGOR song summarizes the love triangle while also demonstrating Tyler’s emotional readiness to move on with his life.

I Don’t Love You Anymore

Is a startling query given that Tyler’s previous song ended with the line “But I will never wish to fall in love again.” He seems to be recovering. I won’t go around looking like I just had a beating.

Tyler’s eagerness to move on prompts a thought. Is there still room for a relationship now that the tumult of the romance has passed? a more platonic phrase? But who knows, this may work out better for us. That growing query inspires the final track.

Are We Still Friends?

“Are We Still Friends?” is layered with a sample from Al Green’s song “Dream.” Sometimes a musician will only sample a song because of its sonic appeal or radio-friendliness. Sometimes musicians use samples to allude. In music, film, literature, poetry, or fine art, allusion complements or contrasts the context and significance of the outside work with that of the artist.

Are We Still Friends
Are We Still Friends

One of the final scenes of the television series Breaking Bad is one of my favorite instances of allusion. The episode’s title contains an allusion. “Ozymandias.” The name references Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem with the same name. The speaker of the poem describes meeting a traveler who confides that Ozymandias believed he was more potent than he was until he discovered an enormous but broken statue in the desert. Walter White, the lead character of Breaking Bad, has had a disastrous experience with hubris. You can likely figure out what happens to Walter in the episode “Ozymandias” based on what we know about the poem. That is an allusion, and allusion has power.

All of the lyrics to “Dream” are about a great dream as well as remaining true forever. “Are We Still Friends?” has a relatively simple application. Tyler hopes his wish to stay friends with his ex-girlfriend will come true. Surely a man can dream?

To that end, the second verse describes Tyler’s options for maintaining the friendship: Keep in touch; avoid getting green skin; and refrain from saying, “Bye, smell you later.” In those other words, don’t be petty; be kind.

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