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Call Me If You Get Lost Tour Live

Top 4 Tyler The Creator live fiery and varied

If you’re a big Tyler, The Creator fan, you likely already make sure to attend all of his live performances. These are yet another timeless addition to Tyler’s discography that explores the nexus between the ferocity of his previous albums and the polish and shine that propelled the rapper in a more dynamic, R&B-inspired direction. Below are the top 4 Tyler The Creator live.

1. Tyler The Creator live – Call Me If You Get Lost Tour Live

Tyler, the Creator wants to bring his theatre production back to his familiar haunts in Los Angeles with a live performance Livestream from Arena for fans to enjoy as he starts to wrap up his extensive North American Call Me If You Get Lost Tour.

Call Me If You Get Lost Tour Live
Call Me If You Get Lost Tour Live

Starting at 10:50 p.m. ET, Prime Video broadcast Tyler’s display to more than 240 countries worldwide. Fans also could watch the festival produced by Happy Place for free on the Amazon Music app, or even Twitch channel. Vince Staples, Kali Uchis, and Teezo Touchdown, the opening acts for Tyler’s tour, will also broadcast live.

The Call Me If You Get Lost Tour by Tyler, the Creator, in assistance of his widely praised album with the same name, began in February. After its June 2021 publication, Call Me If You Get Lost debuted first No. 1 on the Billboard 200 music charts. The complex later named it the favorite album of 2021. The trip will formally end on April 8, just at Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle.

The most recent performances occurred in New York, particularly at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Fortunately for our FOMO-induced selves, Amazon Music recorded the whole concert, and it is now available to view on his YouTube channel.

The hour-long show is exciting and a great deal of fun, going over CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST high points with fun facts and revelations more about the album sprinkled in between (like the fact that ASAP Rocky was supposed to appear on CORSO but didn’t hit Tyler back) as well as a few old favorites thrown in for good measure. It’s a fantastic show that, ideally, Australia would be able to see soon. 

2. Splendour In The Grass 2022

The rap legend closes Splendour In The Grass 2022 with a high-octane, high-concept one-person performance.

The 75-minute spectacle demonstrated the Grammy-winning singer’s breadth as an artist, songwriter, as well as a consummate showman. It lived up to a lineage of remarkable Splendour rap headliners, starting with Kanye West as well as Outkast and continuing through much more recent performances from Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino.

Splendour In The Grass 2022
Splendour In The Grass 2022

Tyler’s solid visual vocabulary, which displays some meticulously curated stage versions that would make any movie director proud, sets him apart from his contemporaries.

His elaborate stage, which was modeled after the Swiss Alps, had the most grass the entire festival weekend. Tyler debuted atop the undulating green to the sound of fireworks as well as confetti while dressed as a hiker in a nod to his most recent alter ego.

Tyler can see the lockstep to a multimedia marching band while also enjoying the comforting pink skies, nighttime sky panorama, and other settings provided by the digital backdrop. His music is equally energetic.

The more hyped moments cause the 30,000-person crowd to jump and sway together in unison, making for one of the largest attendances of the weekend.

Tyler stands out because he didn’t require any hooks—unique guest collaborations or cover songs—and still managed to provide his brand of spectacle. Many Splendour sets relied on hooks.

He also has a crazy relationship with the audience, as evidenced by his amusing choice of whether to ask the crowd, “Gold Coast or Brisbane?”

He plays with the front row for a while before declaring in response to calls for a Shoey. “I’ll stop now. I’m afraid of a huge group of people screaming at me!”

He is endearing and funny. Not just with his sarcastic remarks but also with his animated movements, selling the humor and emotion of each song with his entire body as well as expressions. Most importantly, it’s clear he’s enjoying himself just as much as the audience is.

3. Auckland show

Tyler effortlessly held the audience’s attention throughout his 17-song set in his Auckland performance.

With an appearance that wouldn’t have been out of location as an additional in Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom,” Tyler began his performance by ascending a grassy knoll while carrying a backpack as well as a walking stick. As camp guidance, Tyler Baudelaire, was ready to effortlessly transfer the audience into the world of “Call Me If You Get Lost.” Even without all the extra bells and whistles from the US tour, the energy among ticket holders anticipating this performance for years was electric.

A sleepaway, deserted peninsula version of the elaborate US tour’s production, with a striking video screen that traveled through different seasons and weather conditions, was further enhanced by the superb performance Tyler gave, as well as by pyrotechnics as well as open flames. A stormy episode set the mood for a period that felt like a cross between a TED Talk and a campfire storytime while he was perched on his knoll for singing like “IFHY.”

The audience eagerly anticipated Tyler’s every motion as he rapped, sang, as well as cut shapes unlike any other in what could only be discussed as elegant mayhem. Even Tyler warned people to put their phones away before “New Magic Wand” if they didn’t want to lose them in the ensuing chaos. This only took the first second of singing like “Who Dat Boy” and “Yonkers” for mosh pits already to form inside the floor.

4. Afas Live – An attractive Tyler The Creator live

American rapper Tyler the Creator performed at AFAS Live on June 7 to a packed house.

Afas Live
Afas Live

His music is equally creative and vibrant, ranging from a wailing banger like “lemon head” to an R&B-influenced piece of music like “earfquake” or “911,” which he raps as a hip-hop version of a crooner.

Most songs contain some crazy element, such as a jerky rhythm, a twist, or a constant ticking or ringing. In contrast to the past, Tyler now delivers everything with intense focus, and a voice that can occasionally sound like Butt-Head from the MTV cartoon series has taken up rapping.

Tyler gives the audience a full fifteen seconds to hide any valuables and prepare for the big finish. New Magic Wand this is. to leap. Shout. Crazy. Delicious.

These days, Tyler, the Creator, can maintain himself and a sizable audience on course.