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tyler the creator mug shot

Tyler The Creator mugshot: How does it exactly look in?

Tyler The Creator, according to TMZ, was detained at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The Austin Police Department wanted him after they claimed he incited a riot during his SXSW performance. According to the security forces, Tyler encouraged actions that put people in danger and injured them. Below is a detailed Tyler The Creator mugshot.

1. A general word on the mugshot

Early on, the legend of Tyler The Creator spread quickly and exponentially. He gained notoriety for causing commotion and chaos. Early on, his crowds’ anthemic chants of “Kill People, Burn Sh- F— School!” became contagious, and his groups matched his erratic fervor. His early concerts started riots, and their raucous response even led to his expulsion from the United Kingdom.

A general word on the mugshot
A general word on the mug shot

Despite all of this, Tyler the Creator is a well-known comedian. The Tyler The Creator mugshot, which has surpassed music and entered internet culture, is arguably the most representative image.

The image used for the meme is an actual mug shot of the rapper Tyler The Creator from a March 15, 2014 incident. The rapper was arrested by the Austin Police Force after it was claimed he instigated chaos somewhere at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW). The image is frequently shared online because Tyler is a meme-worthy character. His comedic nature is captured in the photograph, but the background only serves to heighten the humor.

2. About Tyler The Creator mugshot

After the rapper was detained for supposedly inciting violence at the SXSW music festival, the Austin Police Department released a photo of Creator known as Creator Tyler Tyler on March 15, 2014. Since then, the mugshot has become very well-liked in the hip-hop and ironic meme communities as exploitable.

3. Tyler The Creator was detained at SXSW in Austin, why?

In 2014, Tyler was detained at SXSW. This is why the rapper ended up in a mug shot on that particular day. Why? Since 1987, the yearly SXSW film and music carnival has been held in Austin, Texas. There’s a lot to see and do at South by Southwest, but in 2014, Tyler The Creator was arrested after performing there.

Tyler Gregory Okonma, a rapper best known by his stage name Tyler The Creator, first gained notoriety as a co-founder of the underground hip-hop group Odd Future. In addition to becoming a well-known solo artist with several self-released solo records, he has created his clothing line, Golf Wang.

tyler the creator mug shot
tyler the creator mugshot

Axe Cop and Grand Theft Auto V are just two of the television shows for which he has provided voice acting. Tyler, who at first used so many homophobic terms, has transformed into one of hip hop’s most sincere artists, shattering gender and sexual stereotypes. Igor, his most newest album, debuted at the top of the Billboard 200, and Flower Boy, his outstanding album from 2018, received a second Grammy nomination.

Why was he imprisoned during SXSW? Tyler the Creator, a rapper from Los Angeles and the creator of the Odd Future collective, was scheduled to perform at the SXSW Festival on March 14, 2014. The event was successful, and the concert went off without a hitch. The rapper was detained the following day, March 14, by Austin police at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

Because Tyler had allegedly instigated a riot at the music and art festival the previous day, the authorities requested and were granted a warrant.

The rapper was driven “downtown” to the station where, as is custom, he was photographed.

The media managed to obtain a mugshot of the hip-hop goofball on the day of the arrest. After posting the bond, the police department would ultimately release him. The member of Odd Future was required to pay a sizable sum in the form of a $25,000 bond. Tyler was formally accused of inciting a full-fledged riot in Austin, Texas, a Class A misdemeanor.

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Tyler The Creator is seen encouraging his fans to knock down barricades to get into the venue in a later video of the incident that was released by the police. Scoot Hotel. The space was filled (999 people). But Tyler is accused of encouraging the large and disorderly crowd outside to push past security. An Odd Future zealot suddenly appeared and punched the bartender in the face for trying to help a woman avoid being stepped on; the bartender told the authorities.

Tyler is frequently linked to unrest at music events. A similar reason for his arrest occurred before the SXSW incident. Within days of the arrest, he also appeared at a different concert in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, Tyler was detained for vandalism in 2011 after it was claimed that he destroyed the sound system at West Hollywood’s storied Roxy Theatre.

On a depressing and somewhat related note, Tyler’s concert was postponed the night before the performance. Two people were killed and 23 others were hurt when a driver slammed into a large group of individuals lining up to enter the venue, according to reports. Tyler has distanced himself from the bad guy, claiming he was not involved in the evil person’s deeds. “So please stop trying to bring up the tragedy and tie me to it, that’s not cool, and it bums me out,” Tyler tweeted.

The meme was created using the mugshot on Reddit, the hub of all internet content. A Reddit user uploaded a photo of Tyler’s mugshot to a subreddit a day later, on March 15, 2014. In the end, the subreddit photo-shopped the image thousands of times, and the meme entered internet pop culture.

The mugshot has been parodied and parodied numerous times. It resides on the Tyler the creator subreddit. It was used in Photoshop revisions of Tyler’s most recent album, “Igor,” which won a Grammy. Even as recently as 2019, it was mentioned in student yearbooks.

4. Spread of Tyler The Creator mugshot

The mug shot was posted on March 16th, 2014, by Redditor BryanBeast13 to the photoshop battles subreddit. Several users then responded with edits to the image, including Redditor Friesheid’s noseless edit. In just six months, the thread received over 1,900 upvotes.

tyler the creator mugshot 1
Tyler the creator mugshot 1

The rapper’s fans have used the mugshot in edits over the years, especially on the Tyler the creator subreddit. By mid-2019, the image had gained popularity (notable examples shown below). For instance, a Reddit user named Marsuv1us posted, on May 23rd, 2019, a screenshot of an image from a school yearbook.

Beginning in the middle of 2019, the format gained more traction in the hip-hop and ironic meme scenes, with notable posts appearing on Instagram, iFunny, the hip-hop circlejerk, and the ok buddy retard subreddits of Reddit.


That’s all the basic information about Tyler The Creator mugshot we want to share. Tyler The Creator is a very different kind of musician now than he once was. Although they do so with an aging subtlety, his orchestral compositions still manage to evoke the same emotional crescendo that his moshpits did. Tyler isn’t the same reckless teenage skater who wants to wreck everything in his path anymore. Instead, he has become more inward lately due to his experiences, which have given him a more mature perspective on what all of this means.

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