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Tyler The Creator Net Worth

Tyler The Creator Net Worth: How Rich Is The Rapper?

Without a doubt, Tyler The Creator is among the most well-known hip-hop artists in the world. The rapper has become an extremely wealthy man thanks to his career in music. So, Tyler The Creator net worth – What is it?

1. What’s Tyler The Creator net worth?

Tyler has amassed a GIGANTIC fortune throughout his time in the limelight.

Since beginning his music career a decade ago with the publication of his first album, he has taken part in numerous business enterprises to help grow his wealth.

Tyler The Creator Net Worth
Tyler The Creator Net Worth

His estimated net worth is $16 million.

Through his songs, tours, and successful clothing line, he has amassed this.

His real estate holdings also are remarkable, and among them is a villa in Atlanta and Georgia, measuring 8,000 square feet.

2. How did he become a wealthy man

Tyler The Creator net worth’s source of income is his work as many roles such as a rapper, songwriter, producer, designer, and even music video director.

In addition to his success in rapping, singing, and songwriting, Tyler has also amassed a sizable fortune through his graphic fashion and design skills. In 2011, he founded his own clothing business, “Golf Wang.”

Music & Touring

Tyler, The Creator’s massive success has only increased even though he entered the music industry in 2009 with Bastard as well as released his debut album Goblin in 2011. Goblin had a first-week sales total of about 45k copies. Two years later, he released his next album, Wolf, and in its first week, it sold about 89k copies.

There was a slight decline for CHERRY BOMB, which deeply divided fans, with Tyler selling only 51k copies during the first week. But it doesn’t matter because Tyler, known for taking two years between albums, has returned with the highly lauded Flower Boy, which had a first-week sales total of 106,000 copies. That one is significant because it is Tyler’s debut album following the official launch of streaming.

Music Touring
Music Touring

However, 70% of that total came from sales alone, thanks to the artist’s devoted fan base. Tyler sold a respectable 165k copies of his subsequent album, Igor, within its first week of availability. Tyler continued his streak of growing each number, selling about 177k copies of his latest recent LP.

The sponsoring tours for Tyler, The Creator essentially followed the same pattern as how, for the most part, his albums grew in commercial success. For various reasons, he has not yet toured in support of his most recent album, but according to Billboard, Tyler’s most current tour, which included 31 shows, brought in $12.8 million. On tour for Igor, he made about $414k on average per night, significantly contributing to his $16 million net worth.

His Clothing Line – Golf Wang

It would help if you weren’t surprised Tyler is creative; after all, it’s in his name. When he was young, creating clothes was one of his soonest forms of self-expression. A decade and a half later, he has made his fashion line into his most lucrative venture.

Tyler was asked during an interview with the Ebro In The Morning in 2015 if he could live comfortably on the proceeds from his Golf Wang line of clothing, and he answered in the affirmative. Given that it didn’t even consider Odd Future merch and that touring is typically the end-all, be-all for singers, that’s pretty insane.

Tyler’s individuality is evident in the designs and the guiding principles of his clothing. He has been quoted as stating that he doesn’t want it to become a passing trend and that if celebrities wore the line, it “could be the worst thing possible.” Golf Wang is so profitable for him precisely because he cares as much as he does.

Golf Wang
Golf Wang

Tyler’s fashion line, GOLF WANG, was created as a pun on the term “Wolf Gang,” which was commonly used in his modern music.

The business is very well known for its vibrant and eye-catching skates, shoes, accessories, and clothing.

Tyler as well as his friends designed, styled, and posed for the brand’s merch, which draws inspiration from the hip-hop, street style, and roller skating subcultures.


Tyler has a “no fucks given” mentality in his career that occasionally gets in the way. While his musical style has evolved alongside him, some things will always be a part of him. However, Tyler could not be blamed for being ignorant of this. His Twitter handle was @fucktyler for many years before he switched to @tylerthecreator a few years back. It was an enterprise choice.

Only moron’s will fail to understand that his stock increased due to that name change. How can he get in touch with businesses like “yo,” and invest a lot of money in me? He has a lot of really great ideas, so the first impression is immediately thrown out the window.

Tyler has worked with some major brands, even through a somewhat contentious past. Years of his life were spent with Vans, a company he genuinely wore and believed shared his vision. But he ran into a wall there. He claimed, “Vans wouldn’t let me grow.” He then switched to Converse, where he has since released a few pairs of shoes under the label.

3. Tyler the Creator – A superstar rapper

Tyler Gregory Okonma, who is 31 years old, was born on March 6, 1991, in the Ladera Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

He is a rap artist, fashion designer, and actor who goes by the stage name Tyler the Creator.

Tyler became well-known in the beginning of 2010 as both a co-founder and the official leader of the alternate solution hip-hop group Odd Future.

He signed a partnership deal with RED Distribution as well as Sony Music Entertainment after his debut studio album Goblin was released by XL Recordings in April 2011, as well as the rest in history.

Career and Awards

Tyler, the Creator’s career began in 2007. The Odd Future Tape, the first mixtape from his group Odd Future, was released in 2008. Later, Tyler issued his first mixtape as a solo artist, titled Bastard, which displayed a different side to his lyrics as well as vocals. Later, in 2011, he published the Yonkers music clip, which was a big hit.

Tyler Creator Grammys
Tyler Creator Grammys

He released his first album, Goblin, in the same year, and it became a huge success. It contained the previously released single Yonkers. Due to the lyrical content of his second album, Wolf, which was released in 2013, the reception was generally positive. Later, all of his albums received widespread praise and respectable sales.

He is a visual artist and a key member of Odd Future. He has had a lot of success. In 2011, he founded the streetwear brand Golf Wang. Tyler has received numerous honors and awards, such as Grammys, Bet Hip Hop Awards, Brit Awards, etc.

*Career Highlights:

2009: “Bastard,” a mixtape by Tyler the Creator that was recently released, quickly gained popularity. His debut album, “Yonkers,” was soon after released.

2010: He released an album titled “Goblin.” He soon found himself going to perform for various shows as well as concerts as a result of his growing popularity. He appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” as well as “MTV Awards.”

2011: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, or simply “Odd Future,” is the name of the band he started this year.

2012: His team was cast in a series that ran for 31 episodes on Adult Swim.

2015: With the help of the following singles, accessible on their YouTube channel, he announced the arrival of his third album, “Cherry Bomb.” On his singles, prominent musicians like Lil Wayne, Schoolboy Q, as well as Kanye West made appearances.

Tyler, the Creator Assets

  • Home: American celebrity Tyler, the Creator, primarily worked in the country’s music industry. Tyler currently resides in California, where he began his career after being born there. He relocated to Los Angeles, where he owns a magnificent mansion.
  • Car collection: Tyler, the Creator amassed a sizable automobile collection. He owns several stunning cars, including a Lamborghini, Bentley, Chevrolet, and Ferrari.


Tyler The Creator Education
Tyler The Creator Education

Tyler, the Creator attended school in Sacramento as well as Los Angeles. His first 17 years were spent in Hawthorne. Tyler attended over 12 different institutions. He attended Elk Grove High School after attending Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets. There, he finished his education. Sauce Walka Net Worth Must Read.

Personal Life

Regarding Tyler’s sexual orientation, there have been some rumors. He has made a reference to same-sex relationship issues and attraction to the same sex throughout his lyrics. This has also come up in interviews with him. In 2018, he dated Jaden Smith.

Atheist Tyler the Creator. His lyrics frequently criticize religion. Tyler likes to assemble skateboards and bicycles. In August 2015, Tyler received a five-year visa ban from the UK. As a result, he was forced to postpone several shows on his Cherry Bomb tour along with his appearance at the Reading as well as Leeds music festivals. The prime minister, Theresa May, expressed displeasure with several of the lyrics on Tyler’s mixtape “Bastard” back in 2009. Since 2009, Tyler has made several trips to the United Kingdom.


That’s all Tyler The Creator Net Worth. Like many of us, Tyler had a challenging childhood, which may help explain why so many of us can identify with him. But what makes him so motivating is how he never stopped honing his craft, and as a result, he improved as a person, making better music with more prominent stars and becoming a better version of himself. It is not surprising that Tyler can amass such wealth for himself, given his constant pursuit of improvement.

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