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Tyler The Creator Outfit Ideas

The best Tyler the Creator outfit ideas

Producer, director of videos, and leader of a rap collective—in addition to being a purveyor of new prints, a master of the pastel color scheme, as well as the biggest fan of his particular brand, of course. Although Tyler, The Creator undoubtedly has a lot on his plate, his style of expertise hasn’t been diminished. Here are ten Tyler the Creator outfit ideas that showcase some of his best clothing choices.

Tyler the Creator outfit ideas – “we’re one in love”

We Are One In Love
We Are One In Love

Tyler The Creator was spotted trying to pose for the Guardian newspaper while wearing yet another preppy-styled outfit. The rapper tops off his ensemble with a chic pine green beret as well as a cardigan in shades of cream, black, and green. He wears this with an essential pair of black shorts to create a look that is straight out of picture day at primary school.

“link in bio”

In 2019, Tyler The Creator’s company Golf Le Fleur collaborated with Lacoste to create a capsule collection of chic products that included this jacket. The rapper achieves the ideal winter fit by layering this varsity-inspired piece over a simple grey hoodie. Tyler has also embellished the item with a unique “Igor” pin. The jacket’s color is pine green, and the leather sleeves are off-white. The final touch is a joint Golf Le Fleur x Lacoste logo that is displayed on the chest.


Igor Is Out
Igor Is Out

Tyler The Creator is seen here promoting his fifth solo album Igor while sporting a preppy and spring-inspired outfit. The rapper shows off a vibrant sweater vest with an animal print on top of a clean white tee on the upper half of the outfit. He wears this with a cropped pair of navy chinos for the legs, a clean white sock, as well as a pair of black loafers again for the feet. The fashion icon completes the look with a bucket hat in beige.

“exciting, sorta”

Tyler, The Creator’s research on Flower Boy earned him a nomination for Best Rap Album of the Year in 2018. Well, what better place to show off his eccentric individual style than at the Grammys? The Russian Ushanka hat, which features a hammer and sickle, is the most striking feature of the ensemble. To compare this odd addition, the rapper wears a Louis Vuitton Monogram scarf over a long chic coat. Tyler The Creator uses shades of baby blue as well as crisp white to create a casual ensemble that seems deserving of the red carpet.


The Jellies
The Jellies

Tyler The Creator wears a supplementary blend of muted tones with this understated but effective look as he promotes an Adult Swim show he created in front of a massive Golf Le Fleur Converse background. He is dressed top to bottom in a beige textured gilet over a T-shirt with just an unidentified logo. He is dressed in a pair of crisp brown chinos and one of his many pairs of Golf Le Fleur Converse One Star sneakers just on the bottom. The rapper finishes the performance in style by donning a bucket hat. Tyler The Creator appears to have been ahead of the curve in 2013, but besides the earthy tone trend becoming popular in 2021.

“cool cat”

Tyler The Creator is seated next to a large flowerpot and is dressed in a timeless, carefree city outfit that wouldn’t look out of place in the summer. He covers the top half of his body with a zip-up shirt that is heavily decorated with a leopard print template. The rapper helps to keep the bottom of his outfit straightforward with a pair of straight-fit chinos. An old pair of Converse, as well as a bright green Golf Wang “G” cap, complete the look.

“i dont have the key for downstairs”

I Dont Have The Key For Downstairs
I Dont Have The Key For Downstairs

Tyler, The Creator decides to take a picture of his outburst while he may be trapped in his restroom. The rapper chooses to pair his brilliant blue Golf Le Fleur T-shirt with a pair of brown chino pants as well as a beige high-top Converse. Tyler finishes things off with a classic Supreme 5-panel cap on top, keeping with the previous fit.

“Who’s Gonna Save My Soul”

Tyler, The Creator is pictured on the roads of what appears to be Los Angeles wearing somewhat preppy clothing. The rapper is dressed in a green pair of flared chinos and a pastel-colored zip-up shirt. Tyler is also sporting a pair of Converse One Star Ox Golf Le Fleur “Vanilla” sneakers. He completes the look by adding a Supreme 5 panel for extra streetwear vibes.

“143 bridge”

143 Bridge
143 Bridge

Tyler, The Creator, seen here lounging on the grass like an actual flower boy, is dressed casually in a combination of bright and earthy tones. Tyler is wearing a top with an orange shirt with red rose detailing. He also has a pair of green Converse One Star mids and chocolate brown chino pants. This laid-back outfit exudes street-style vibes but wouldn’t look out of place in 2021.

“wow i’m fire”

On Instagram, Tyler flexed this pastel pink, baby blue, and white outfit to promote the Flower Boy album. Tyler is wearing a light pink puffer with a Golf Le Fleur hoodie in baby blue under it. He is dressed in clean white socks, pants, and a pink Golf le Fleur x Converse One Star on the bottom. He completes the look with a pink Golf le Fleur cap that matches the outfit.

What to wear to look like Tyler The Creator outfit

If you want to wear some of these Tyler the Creator outfits, here are some ideas. First of all, be bold and try new things. As you can see, Tyler experiments with various looks, and his current style is very different from his previous one from a few years ago.

Try changing up the colors in your outfits next. Many of us never venture outside the norm to try all the rainbow colors and instead stick to wearing only a few (typically black and white)!

Last but not least, it’s crucial to incorporate these concepts into your sense of fashion. The wonderful thing about fashion is that not everybody dresses the same way and looks good in the same clothes.

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