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Tyler The Creator Red Outfit In The Side Street

Tyler the Creator red outfit in the “Side Street” album video

The first substantial sample of the latest album from Tyler, The Creator, in 2 years has been released, and as regular, he did it grandly. The rapper and producer have gone a long way from supporting skate brands with Odd Future and eating cockroaches in music videos. Whereas the lighter, more funky sound that we heard on 2019’s Igor as well as 2017’s Flower Boy has replaced the dark, aggressive music, Tyler has demonstrated that he has a few bangers. Especially Tyler the Creator red outfit in the album video.

  • Tyler the Creator red outfit – The rapper is still the style king in the album videos

Tyler debuted a new trailer on YouTube named SIDE STREET. The following day, he dropped Lumberjack, the album’s lead single, as well as a music video. Tyler utterly rules the style game both in the teaser as well as the music video.

In the Lumberjack video at 1:18, Tyler pulls off some seriously sharp poses. He has his go-to big hats, puffer jackets, as well as tassel loafers. The most brutal scene features Tyler donning a printed short sleeve while also standing atop a tower of vintage luggage, and yet our choice for the best outfit is the combination of aqua nail polish as well as a matching fluffy hat.

Tyler The Creator Red Outfit In The Side Street Album Video
Tyler The Creator Red Outfit In The Side Street Album Video

Tyler is seen holding the strap to a large fluffy dog while kissing a girl on the hood of the bright pink car, which resembles a modified Beamer in the SIDE STREET clip. Tyler and the unidentified girl both have red cardigans as well as loafers.

When they are done kissing, Odd Future member Taco approaches the couple and asks, “Baby, who the fuck was it that?” The girl responds, “No one,” and afterward, in the most LA thing ever, sardonically says, “I’m so enthusiastic about going verify this new matcha store.”

But Tyler’s fit is the highlight of this clip. The man is helpless. Tyler has been demonstrating how to grow with your style effortlessly while retaining your unique taste since about 2018. This teaser’s attire is yet another masterpiece.

Tyler The Creator Red Outfit
Tyler The Creator Red Outfit

Tyler’s outfit has an outstanding balance of high-low steez thanks to the addition of some gorgeous tassel loafers, a red cardigan with such a camp collar, classic khaki skater slacks, as well as stacks of gold chains. Add a bright white, fluffy Russian-style hat to complete the look, and you have an ensemble that exudes style and sophistication while still being distinctly Tyler.

The likely title of an album is revealed after both the music video as well as the teaser. Big pastel letters that read “Call Me If You Get Lost” have seemed as the characters leave the scene, and Tyler’s layered vocals are playing in the background.

  • In “Side Street,” Tyler, The Creator keeps himself busy

Since winning a Grammy for Igor in initial 2020, Tyler, the Creator has maintained a relatively low profile (AKA the before times). However, Tyler has something coming out soon if what he can share indicates what’s to arrive.

The head of Odd Future recently posted a brief, 43-second new trailer on his social media accounts. Tyler is going to hold a dog’s leash while having sex with a girl in front of a pink car in the appropriately named “Side Street” video. After Tyler gets into the car and heads off on his own, Taco from Odd Future approaches the woman Tyler is making out with. The message “Call Me If You Get Lost” then flashes on the screen.

Tyler The Creator Keeps Himself Busy
Tyler The Creator Keeps Himself Busy

Tyler is expected to make a significant announcement based on his high-profile performances at Outside Lands in October as well as Lollapalooza’s upcoming month.

In addition to getting his ice cream flavor as well as appearing in a Gucci advertisement with Iggy Pop as well as A$AP Rocky last year, Tyler also wrote a Coca-Cola jingle through February of this year.

  • In Tyler, the Creator’s song “Side Street,” what is that pink car?

Tyler, the Creator is seen enthusiastically making out with an unidentified girl on the hood of a hot pink, boxy-looking European car in the 40-second clip. But what sort of vehicle is that?

The pink vehicle was seen in Tyler, The Creator’s “Side Street” teaser seems to be, as is customary, either a genuine Fiat 131 Abarth Rally car or even a regular Fiat 131 rally car with Abarth Rally aero. In either case, it’s a singular vehicle that will undoubtedly catch the internet off guard in the most excellent way imaginable.

Tyler The Creator Pink Car
Tyler The Creator Pink Car

The teaser video is provided below. I’ve also included footage of Fiat 131 Abarth rally cars to demonstrate how awesome these classic rally cars are.

If Tyler, the Creator’s pink vehicle, is a genuine Fiat 131 Abarth Rally, it is unique for one reason. Homologation.

Every automaker aspired to participate in the extreme sport of trying to rally in the late 1970s. But first, they had to sell a certain quantity of rally cars for the street in terms of being able to race their hotted-up econo-cars. When Group 4 was rallying, it was 400.

So, Fiat produced 400 Fiat 131 Abarth Rally cars in collaboration with Bertone as well as Abarth for homologation before offering them for sale to the general public. Regular 131s were equipped as standard with 1.3L as well as 1.6L four-cylinder engines that could only muster up to 74 HP.

These 131 Abarth Rally vehicles were given a unique twin-cam engine with a sportier carburetor and custom tuning that produced 138 HP as well as 127 lb-ft of torque at just 3,600 rpm. That was stretched to 240 HP by race-spec 131s. That may not seem like much, but remember that these tiny pasta rockets weighed about 2,100 pounds at the time.

The iconic fender flares, scooped spoiler, plastic mudguards, as well as numerous other light weightings just on the hood and trunk were all added by Beronte’s styling.

The result is a family sedan that wasn’t intended to be driven as tricky as it was transformed into an iconic-looking Euro rally car. 

It may have been because of Hot 97’s Funk Flex that you’re wondering why Tyler, the Creator even became interested in this unusual rally car for Americans. Flex and Tyler started talking about cars in a 2019 interview, as well as Flex said.

Was Flex referencing Fiat 131s? Most likely, yes. When you notice a Fiat rally car, the 131 is the first to come to mind.

And I mention Tyler, the Creator, as being “true to form” because the young musician has been spotted in L.A. driving a Lancia Delta Integrale HF, some other iconic vehicle from Europe.

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