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A look at Tyler The Creator style

Let Tyler The Creator style be your spiritual outfit guide

The most consistently stylish person on Highsnobiety’s radar might be Tyler the Creator. Over the past several years, the rapper has hardly ever been seen without a stylish layer, cropped pants, and casual shoes, creating a truly unique silhouette all his own. This is a man who not only understands his ideal body types but also has the self-assurance to tailor almost his entire wardrobe to suit them. Let’s see Tyler The Creator style!

1. A look at Tyler The Creator style

The artist isn’t afraid to play around with his aesthetic. Tyler, the Creator is well-known for his Grammy-winning musical style and his line of colorful clothing called Golf le Fleur. The Californian’s eclectic mindset and unmatched creativity have propelled her to dominate the music and fashion industries. With his record label, Odd Future Records, Tyler consistently demonstrates that he is not only a talented musician but also a successful businessman. The creator of the renowned music festival Camp Flog Gnaw and a founder of the Odd Future band has ties to some of Hollywood’s most coveted personalities.

Let Tyler The Creator style be your spiritual outfit guide

Kanye West and Rihanna are just a couple of the celebrities in Tyler’s close-knit group. Tyler’s sense of style has been a shining example of significant trends, just like his A-list friends. He embodied the cool-boy look with his unique cropped pants, pops of color, and platform loafers.

The rapper’s brand Golf le Fleur, or Golf Wang, has received astronomical amounts of support from fashion lovers worldwide, in addition to the in-demand Odd Future and concert merchandise. As a result of the highly sought-after items, new drops always sell out quickly, and resale prices soar. Golf Wangs’ recognizable animated flower is instantly identifiable everywhere and has come to represent Tyler’s love of bold colors and patterns. The performer wore a bright pink bellhop outfit by Golf Wang for the 2020 Grammy Awards red carpet before changing into a pink and red striped polo shirt, hat, and brown cropped pants to accept the Best Rap Album award.

This cool outfit is a perfect example of his ability to combine statement pieces with exquisitely tailored pieces to produce a look that can be easily imitated. Additionally, Tyler The Creator style’s sense perfectly encapsulates his skater-boy roots in California, an aesthetic currently at the forefront of men’s fashion.

Tyler maintains a consistent look regardless of whether he’s performing, walking the red carpet, or orchestrating Virgi. He frequently chooses pastel-colored preppy garments like pullover sweaters and sweater vests. The artist is also picky about his pants; he most often wears a cropped fit that is expertly tailored. His pants may occasionally be flared. Then, Tyler messes around with beanies, switching between beanies, bucket hats, and baseball caps while sometimes putting on a bleach-blonde wig for laughs.

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2. How Tyler The Creator style’s fits have changed 

The Look

Throughout his ascent, Tyler The Creator style remained broadly consistent. He has never been afraid of color, and he is as daring as they come when it comes to pattern.

With his clothing brand Golf le Fleur, Tyler has established a robust side business in addition to his music career, furthering the definition of his style. Tyler’s most recent cooperation with fashion powerhouses Vans and Lacoste immediately sold out, demonstrating the avalanche of demands for his music and his fashion.

The Look Tyler The Creator
The Look Tyler The Creator

His approach to skatewear has lightened in the past few years, becoming more preppy and goofy, with pastel colors dominating (the whole Golf le Fleur color palette is like an Italian ice cream shop).

In terms of clothing, five-panel caps and short shorts are common choices. An excellent tote bag, a standout rugby shirt, and a pair of Converse or Vans that do the heavy lifting just at the bottom all contribute to the combination for a playful, individual take on modern skatewear that several have attempted to fit, but no one has successfully better.

Middle Finger Salute

Because of its unrivaled convenience and loose fit, skaters embraced the long-sleeved polo shirt—or rugby tee, as it’s often known—in the 1990s.

Recent iterations have strayed from the straight stripes of its public school roots and into more imaginative realms. We adore Tyler’s colorful paisley pop, which is perfectly complemented by some short, durable chinos that round out the look.

Beach Bomb

The sarcastic rapper switches out his skatewear for surfwear for the perfect beach look. The seaside is great for Tyler’s favorite pastel hues, but you’ll want to divide it up as he did with a crisp white T-shirt in the center.

Instead of wearing a plain t-shirt, opt for a soft graphic print as Tyler did. This will give the outfit a more playful edge appropriate for the colorful accents elsewhere.

Igor A Brand New Coat

Tyler would never appear on the red carpet wearing a dinner jacket. What we do get, however, is an impressive one-two from an oversized, baby blue trenchcoat and a long Louis Vuitton scarf.

Igor A Brand New Coat
Igor A Brand New Coat

Everything comes together by using the traditional white and blue color scheme and grounding it, as Tyler frequently does, with such a pair of plain black trousers.

Tyler The Golfer

Tyler continues his journey through the decades with this stylish ’90s ensemble that is built around a basic logo t-shirt (of course, from his brand) and a pair of light-wash jeans.

Purchase a pair with a cropped hem for the latter because it looks best without extra fabric spilling over your shoes, or roll them up as Tyler has done. Either way, a set of white ankle socks will give the ensemble a sporty edge.

A Statement

Tyler’s vibrant printed shirt here has a strong tie-dye vibe. Although tie-dye has long been a staple of skatewear fashion, it has recently gained more attention from the general public.

Even though a tie-dye shirt is different from a regular t-shirt in style, you should still play it down, as Mr. Creator has done with a pair of plain shorts.

3. How to dress like Tyler The Creator

Tyler The Creator’s 2011 album Goblin launched him into the rap scene, and it has been more than ten years since then. He was regarded as an innovator in the edgy, grunge hip-hop genre and an outcast. Since then, he has developed as an artist and gathered a sizable fan base, but he has also contributed to the fashion world and the music industry. Tyler The Creator founded and is the owner of the clothing brand Golf Le Fleur, which has worked with Lacoste and Levis. He is also accountable for the early 2010s victory of Supreme as well as Vans skate shoes.

Since then, there has unquestionably been some evolution in both his music and style. He began with his recognizable LA skater appearance and gradually shifted into luxury fashion while incorporating elements of his skater past and retro-modern mid-century looks. Moreover, get some Tyler The Creator fitness inspiration. Let’s start now!


Tyler The Creator Color
Tyler The Creator Color

Tyler The Creator has a history of wearing vivid colors and striking patterns in almost every outfit. Tyler appears to pull off any color he wants when it comes to his clothing, whether it be neon greens, light blues, or yellows. Recently, he has “color blocked” many of Tyler The Creator styles using muted pastel colors paired with browns, beiges, tans, and black.


Tyler The Creator generally rotates through 5 different shoe styles. Beginning with his main skater character, he continues to wear high-top Converse sneakers and low-top Vans skate shoes. He can be seen wearing sandals and socks during the summer. And finally, he enjoys donning Doc Martens and Clarks Wallabees for a more polished appearance.


Tyler The Creator never chooses clothing that is too baggy or naturally thin. Every piece of clothing he wears is tailored to fit him perfectly and flatter his physical attributes. If you want to achieve the same look, you could perhaps want to choose a few of your favorite things and, if they’re too big, bring those to a professional tailor to have them fitted to your measurement techniques. Usually, this is also very affordable! I recently paid $20 to have a pair of Maison Margiela pants done, which are much better.


Tyler The Creator Accessories
Tyler The Creator Accessories

What makes or breaks clothes are the accessories, and Tyler the Creator is a master at accessorizing. Let’s start with the headgear. Tyler The Creator frequently sports an ushanka beanie or a five-panel snapback. He prefers his all-black, thick-framed, vintage sunglasses. The following items in his jewelry collection are homemade beaded bracelets, diamond earrings and rings, and chains and pendants by Ben Baller. Finally, when it comes to bags, he is often seen carrying a thick briefcase that is packed with his items or a creator shoulder bag.


Recently, Tyler The Creator toned down his use of skatewear and adopted a slightly more preppy look. To begin with, Tyler is the best at rocking shorts; he frequently sports above-knee shorts that are worn to perfection. He mixes knitwear, vests, and rugby tees as tops. Lastly, he frequently sports overcoats and puffer vests as outerwear.

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When it comes to wristwear, Tyler The Creator sports both extremes. He is sporting a vintage Cartier Obus Quadrant that costs around $10,000 or an $11 Casio Quartz MK24-9B. In terms of watches he dislikes, Tyler The Creator stated in a 2021 press conference that he tries to find Rolex watches uninspiring and boring, so save your money and choose the less-famous $11 Casio brand instead. Tyler can make your grandparents’ TV shows hip, so you can too.


What did we learn today, then? How should one dress to look like Tyler the Creator style? Relax and put aside your efforts. Find the ratios that suit your personality and physical characteristics, then maintain them. Don’t let the outfits wear you; wear them instead. Use accessories wisely. And perhaps most notably, nothing allows for more flexibility than a well-chosen outfit.

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