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Tyler The Creator Tampa

Tyler the Creator Tampa returns to the city for CMIYGL tour

In March, Tyler, the Creator will perform at the Yuengling Center. Other musicians, including Teezo Touchdown, Kali Uchis, as well as Vince Staples, will perform with the honoree. The following details about Tyler the Creator Tampa.

  • Tyler the Creator Tampa – Rapper came to Yuengling Center during his North American tour

Tampa will be a stop on the rap artist Tyler, the Creator’s upcoming North American tour. The Grammy-winning performer will appear at Tampa’s Yuengling Center on March 19, 2022. Other musicians like Teezo Touchdown, Kali Uchis, as well as Vince Staples will perform with him.

Following Tyler’s critically acclaimed album Call Me if You Get Lost, which recently launched at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts upon publication, the announcement was made. The record is a sequel to his 2019 Grammy Award-winning album Igor.

On March 19, Tyler, the Creator, performing at the Yuengling Center for the second time, enthralled Tampa with spectacular fireworks displays, interactive sets, as well as captivating music.

The Call Me If You Get Lost (CMIYGL) tour, which was named after his most recent album from 2021, produced an atmosphere that fans fell into as soon as they stepped inside the arena and never wanted to leave.

Tyler The Creator Returned To Tampa
Tyler The Creator Returned To Tampa

The first song from CMIYGL, “SIR BAUDELAIRE,” showcasing DJ Drama, who retells both the album as well as the show, was played as Tyler emerged from the stage in a 1939 Rolls-Royce Wraith as well as stood out of its sunroof to perform.

He pulled up to a manor house, where his chauffeur helped him out now, and unveiled his first set—a mansion facade that Tyler would afterward walk through or around while entertaining the crowd—backed by a projection that made it appear as though he was going to drive through the hills.

The following two songs on his album, “CORSO” as well as “LEMONHEAD,” came after this one. After that, Tyler took some time to address the crowd, discussing Tampa, the weather, and how each person at the Chick-Fil-A he went to resembled Nate from Euphoria. It served as the audience’s first encounter with his endearing humility as well as humor.

“I also see you, as I think I love you too. My nose bleeds along the sides of the stage, including for to y’all for having the worst seats in the theater.”

Tyler’s chauffeur reappeared after his performance in front of the manor house set, this time escorting Tyler from the center, where a small yacht appeared from beneath the stage to take Tyler to his backup site. Sand and grass were used to simulate a beach in the second stage.

Tyler performed a different song from his most recent album, “WUSYANAME,” as he made his way over, competing with the fans who were sprinting after him to get a good spot at the upcoming stage.

He disembarked the yacht as well as continued singing “Boredom,” a popular song from his 2017 album Flower Boy, as soon as he arrived at the beach. Tyler dedicated a portion of his collection to his early fans after performing some of his most well-known songs here.

Tyler The Creator Came To Yuengling Center
Tyler The Creator Came To Yuengling Center

Following that, he gave a mashup performance of his songs were used as the selections (2015). This section held much significance for some Tyler fans who had been listening to him for a while.

After singing “I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE,” Tyler re-boarded his yacht and sailed back to the stage, where he continued the rest of the performance on the main stage.

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret—actually, it’s not even a secret—I feel f*cking terrible right now and am sick to my stomach… however, I’m giving it my all for every single f*cking person who came to this show on purpose,” Tyler said. The crowd was even more impressed by this.

Tyler continued to perform to finish the set with three songs from his 2019 album Igor, “I THINK,” “EARFQUAKE,” and “NEW MAGIC WAND,” then “RUNITUP” from CMIYGL.

The shows featured Tyler’s distinctive spastic dancing all around the stage in front of other flames, cascading walls of sparks, as well as fireworks. On the stadium floor, people were jumping and hollering during his performance. Tyler maintained the momentum between songs by inhaling his inhaler.

Before trying to pick up his two recognizable luggage for the CMIYGL album, waving goodbye, and leaving through his mansion’s front door, he started to turn to the audience and said, “thank you.”

Just on the CMIGYL tour, Tyler, the Creator, is decided to join by Teezo Touchdown, Kali Uchis, as well as Vince Staples. Later this year, the show will make its way through Europe and Australia before heading to the American west coast.

  • Tyler shakes Tampa with the singles, ‘EARFQUAKE’ and ‘ARE WE STILL FRIENDS’

A figure in a vivid powder blue suit with a bare chest, a blond hair bob wig, orange sunglasses, as well as sparkling white loafers was illuminated on stage by a spotlight from the balcony above.

The dispute of a love triangle involving the fictional IGOR, the man he’s dating, as well as the man’s ex-girlfriend, with whom he’s still involved, is the focus of Tyler’s newest character, IGOR, wherein he plays the title role.

This triangle’s tension permeates the entire album and is ultimately resolved in the second half. He didn’t move a muscle till the beat of his opening track dropped, remaining motionless as he stared out into the sea of audiences that had filled the Yuengling Center.

Tyler, The Creator received praise for his fifth studio album, “IGOR,” which was released in May and debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart. Tyler quickly declared the “IGOR TOOR” that’d soon come after, featuring Jaden Smith and Goldlink, as it became his first No. 1 album in the United States.

Tyler Shakes Tampa
Tyler Shakes Tampa

The former head of the Odd Future collective performed in Tampa for the first time in five years. He shared his most recent album with the packed crowd while directing the young people in the standing pit as well as coordinating the audience as only a seasoned performer can.

The intro to Tyler’s most recent album, “IGOR’S THEME,” which served as the show’s lead single, finally dropped, and Tyler erupted onto the stage, his body flailing about like a ragdoll in the wind.

All of the opening songs were taken from “IGOR,” as well as the transitions between them eventually led to a piano rendition of Tyler’s most excellent charting single form of the album, “EARFQUAKE,” which peaked at No. 13 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.

As the evening went on, Tyler veered into a previous incarnation of himself and surprised the audience by revealing “Yonkers,” letting the audience sing along and guide the course of the hit single from his debut album.

This occurred at various points throughout the evening as Tyler played songs from his vast discography, including the collaborative songs “See You Again” and “Boredom” from his fourth studio album, “Flower Boy.”

The production quality of the stage set demonstrated how far Tyler came after his last performance through Tampa at The Ritz Ybor in 2014. Tyler’s stage presence alone was sufficient to keep the audience on its feet.

Although there were no costume changes, the stage’s décor changed after a few brief sections of the set, removing curtains that reached the ceiling and even introducing a line of fireworks when the beat did drop in one of the tracks.

The nearly one-hour-and-a-half set came to a close with “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS,” the last track on “IGOR,” and finished just as quickly as it had started.

In his blonde IGOR wig and maintaining the dark, aromantic theme that underpins his number-one album, Tyler will finish the remaining stops of his North American tour as he approaches the halfway point.

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